Having grown up experiencing Argentinean culture through my immigrant parents, I’ve had the opportunity to try some of the nation’s best pastries, confections and creations. Even if Argentina might be best known for its meat and wine, there are tons of delicious sweets worth trying.

Here’s a guide to the tastiest and sugariest eats this South American country has to offer.

1. Medialunas


Photo courtesy of comohacerpara.com

Translating into “half-moons,” medialunas are the Argentinean versions of croissants and are often eaten at breakfast or during merienda (snack) with a cup of coffee. They come in two types: de grasa, which are made with lard and are usually flakier and skinnier, or de manteca, a fluffier, doughier version made with butter.

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2. Dulce de Leche


Photo courtesy of zonanortehoy.com

Featured in around 90 percent of Argentina’s sweets, dulce de leche is to Argentineans what peanut butter is to Americans. Rich, smooth, and creamy, you can spread it on everything from a banana to a medialuna, drizzle it on top of your ice cream, or simply enjoy it in its pure, untouched state.

3. Chocolate En Rama


Photo courtesy of 13frost13 on tumblr.com

Chocolate makers in Argentina spread freshly melted chocolate on a slab of marble, then scrape it together to achieve a ridge-like consistency that resembles a piece of bark. Though found across the country, the most famous kind comes from La Patagonia.

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4. Churros con Dulce De Leche


Photo courtesy of argentinet.com

Argentina’s spin on this classic Latin-American sweet is, of course, filled with dulce de leche. Sprinkled with sugar on top, churros are sold by churreros on Argentina’s beaches during the summer months and are traditionally enjoyed as an ocean-side treat. Check out this article to see how Spaniards enjoy this deep-fried delicacy.

5. Alfajores


Photo courtesy of celebratealfajores on tumblr.com

An alfajor is a cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche, then covered in chocolate or merengue. Another variation, alfajor de maicenacan be described as two shortbread cookies, also filled with dulce de leche, and then rolled in coconut flakes. Love Oreos? Learn how to make an Alfajor-Oreo hybrid here.

6. Flan con Dulce de Leche


Photo courtesy of imperiumgames.com.ar

Consistent with the trend of putting dulce de leche on everything, Argentineans eat their flan with a side of the caramel-like confection. Creamy and sweet, the dulce de leche goes well with the custardy texture of the flan. Check out this article for more on desserts from across the world.

7. Chocotorta


Photo courtesy of haykuyamikah tumblr.com

The Chocotorta‘s name constitutes a fusion of “Chocolinas,” a popular chocolate-flavored cookie, and “torta,” Spanish for cake. This classic treat is made by combining Chocolinas, dulce de leche, milk, cacao, and cream cheese together to form a delicious and easy-to-make no-bake cake. Click here for 35 Insanely Easy No Bake Dessert recipes.