If you’re like me, you love those coffee shop vibes, but minus the actual coffee drinking. Just because we don’t drink coffee though, doesn’t mean we don’t want to use the Motley as our go-to study space.

While 54% of college students claim to drink coffee every day, what are the other 46% of us supposed to do when we want a pick-me-up? It’s easy to get bored of the same drink when coffee shop menus can be limited to, well, just coffee.

But have no fear, here’s a guide to some of the best coffee-free drinks the Motley has to offer:

1. Bowl of Soul

Coffee-Free Drinks

Photo by Eva Weiner

What sounds better than your favorite tea steeped in steamed milk with a touch of honey and foam to top it all off? My personal favorite is the white coconut cream tea with soy milk. Mmmmm. It’ll taste even better if you drink it in cute mugs like these.

2. Chai Latte With Lavender

Coffee-Free Drinks

Photo courtesy of prosupps.com

The chai latte is a classic coffee-free drink consisting of simply steamed milk and chai tea concentrate, but try spicing yours up with some lavender flavor.

(Pro tip: try it with soy milk for a little extra sweetness)

3. Blended Matcha ChaCha With White Chocolate and Peppermint

Coffee-Free Drinks

Photo courtesy of mnn.com

Everyone knows and loves the Motley’s matcha chacha. Steamed milk, vanilla syrup, and matcha blend together creating a creamy green tea flavor. Take your matcha chacha to the next level by blending in white chocolate and peppermint- perfect for the approaching winter season! If you’re still not on the matcha train, here are 8 reasons why you should be.

4. Blended Hot Chocolate With Raspberry

Coffee-Free Drinks

Photo courtesy of kitchentreaty.com

Last time I asked for a blended hot chocolate, the barista looked at me like I was delusional. But trust me, it’s a real drink and it’s really good. Basically a blended mocha minus the coffee, this drink tastes even better when you mix in raspberry flavor. If you’re craving more hot chocolate goodness (let’s be real- you are) check out these crazy extravagant recipes from Buzzfeed.

5. Blended Chai With Raspberries and Vanilla

Coffee-Free Drinks

Photo courtesy of blendedvitality.com

As previously mentioned, I love a good chai. Since we’re in SoCal and rarely need hot drinks, a blended chai is a great way to get that chai flavor you crave without breaking into a sweat. But a blended chai can get kind of boring, so try adding raspberries and vanilla to add some extra levels of flavor.

(Pro tip: Make sure when you ask for this one they put in real raspberries not just the syrup)

6. Blueberry Smoothie with Vanilla and Cinnamon

Coffee-Free Drinks

Photo courtesy of blackdogfoodblog.com

An old “barista of the month” drink, this interesting smoothie combo is the perfect blend of summer and fall flavors. Once you try it, you’ll be craving this drink even when it’s 50° out. For some more smoothie bliss, check out these fall themed recipes.

7. Milk Steamer With Rose

Coffee-Free Drinks

Photo courtesy of craftcoffeeparlor.com

While this drink may not be as fancy as the previous six, it’s a classic that never goes out of style. You can get a milk steamer with any of the flavors the motley has to offer, but my personal favorites are rose and lavender. They both bring out subtle flavors that aren’t too sweet or overwhelming.

These are my top 7 drinks, but don’t stop here. Get creative and check out the full Motley menu here, and be sure to look at their Facebook page here.