The idea of doing anything to make yourself hungry is a strange one, I know that. Yet foodie Instagram accounts rack up millions of followers and there are tons of people out there glued to the Food Network day and night. I fall into both of these categories. So, I decided to compile a list of Netflix's best movies to make you hungry, whether it's because you need to prep yourself for a huge holiday meal, regain your appetite after food poisoning, or you just want to stare down some good lookin' food. 

1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

"Jiro Dreams of Sushi" is an obvious pick, and one that's not leaving Netflix anytime soon. Seeing the care and precision Jiro Ono takes in crafting his sushi and sashimi would make anybody want to hop on the next flight to Tokyo. While that may not be realistic, why not have some sushi at home until you can realize your newfound dream of tasting the best sushi in the world?

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

"Pirates of the Caribbean" definitely isn't a movie franchise that comes to mind when one thinks of foodie movies. But Keira Knightley realizes the dream of every girl far and wide when she goes to town on a turkey leg in front of Captain Barbossa, judgements be damned. Iconic.

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Need I say more? This movie showcases the world's greatest chocolate factory, equipped with a chocolate waterfall, chocolate trees and grass, and even chocolate sent by TV (which I am still waiting on, 21st century). This movie is a chocolate lover's long as they ignore the mishaps of the other four golden ticket-wielding children.

4. God of Cookery

"God of Cookery" is what you watch if you want to see something...different. Super dramatic, fast cuts, ridiculous humor involving the God of Cookery telling a chef he can never be successful until he gets surgery on his ugly face. Given, some of the food is freaky looking, but you know you want a bite of any dish that's God of Cookery approved.

5. For Grace

For Grace is a documentary following renowned chef Curtis Duffy's journey to opening his own restaurant, Grace, at the cost of his personal life. Although the content of the film itself gets heavy, the food Duffy creates is exquisite. It's the kind of food you don't want to eat because it's so pleasurable to just look at. The kind of food a waiter could ruin by not holding it perfectly level to preserve the meticulous presentation. You know you want to eat this food, if only for the Instagram.

6. Eat With Me

"Eat with Me" revolves around the relationship between a mother and her son struggling to reconnect and save the family's Chinese restaurant. The ho hum Chinese food at the beginning of the movie transforms into innovative creations like cheeseburger dumplings, and if that's too out there for you, ginger pork and chicken Thai basil dumplings too.

7. Last Holiday

I know the holidays are over, but if you want to relive some holiday magic, watch "Last Holiday." Queen Latifah plays a woman who lives an incredibly tame, sad lifestyle, until she's told she has three weeks to live. So she sets out to fulfill all her dreams in that time, saying everything she's never said, flying to her dream hotel to meet her idol, Chef Didier, and dazzling everybody she meets with her utter wonderfulness. There are many scenes featuring her cooking up beautiful feasts, and hearing Chef Didier's menu got my stomach rumbling. If that's not enough for you, LL Cool J stars in the movie too.

Sadly, Netflix regularly changes the movies they offer for streaming. While some of the titles may be sticking around for a while, the lesser known ones like "God of Cookery" and "Eat With Me" may be gone soon, so get watching while you can.