I am obsessed with watching food videos on YouTube, whether it’s watching recipes for those who can’t cook, hilarious British men presenting recipes, a channel for vegan recipes, or baked goods in the shape of Gudetama. So when I came across Korean cooking videos, I was hooked. Living without my mom’s home cooking was tough, but these YouTube channels gave me a way to reconnect with the food I grew up with.

1. Maangchi


Photo courtesy of nytimes.com

Her passion for showing people how to make delicious and authentic homemade Korean food is undeniable. From 2007 up until now, she has continuously uploaded recipes for tasty dishes, such as her Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken, and has even published her own cookbook titled “Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking” with over 100 original recipes.

2. SOF


Photo courtesy of youtube.com

You’ve heard of the term mukbang — eating broadcasts — right? Well this guy does it in an entirely new fashion — by creating all of his own food (before devouring it, of course). From dessert to main courses to whole new recipes, this guy does it all. Also, did I mention that he has his own restaurant?

3. Honeykki


Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

Although she never shows up on camera, her videos show you step-by-step how to prepare a variety of Korean dishes. The clean and simple edits along with the beautiful presentation of the food will make you want to watch one video right after another.

4. Seonkyung Longest


Photo courtesy of aflete.com

She’s been on Fox’s Masterchef and has even won Food Network’s Restaurant Express, but where she really shines is on her YouTube cooking show, Asian at Home. Her Korean recipes look killer, like this spicy chicken stew. She also has a playlist titled “Life in Korea,” filled with a variety of delicious food and snacks.

5. Gabiekook


Photo courtesy of youtube.com

Her bright personality really shows in her cooking videos, where she invites you to learn various Korean recipes from traditional to more interesting dishes, like her version of Watermelon Spicy Cold Noodles.

6. SweetandTastyTV


Photo courtesy of sweetandtastytv.com

Her videos aren’t the traditional recipe videos. Instead, she informs you about a variety of Korean dishes and Korean culture; she also tastes and reviews the food in her quirky manner. My favorite video by far is of her and her cousin eating Korean bingsoo (shaved ice dessert) mixed with soju — granny-style.

7. TheSquishyMonster


Photo courtesy of thesquishymonster.com

The Squishy Monster, aka Angela Kim, serves up an assortment of classic and traditional Korean dishes on YouTube, like this creamy kabocha squash porridge, my personal favorite.

Some of these YouTube channels provide traditional Korean recipes, and some are more innovative. But what I can say for sure is that they all spread the passion and love for Korean food and culture.