Latkes are a classic. It’s pretty much impossible to not spend Hanukkah enjoying their potato-y goodness. Every latke lover knows the traditional toppings of applesauce and sour cream, but even the most seasoned latke veterans will be surprised by these scrumptious toppings.


What if someone told you that it was possible to combine your two favorite Hanukkah foods? Guess what? It is, and it’s awesome.      

Greek Yogurt


A healthier alternative to sour cream, greek yogurt makes for a delicious latke. You can even get fancy and sprinkle some pomegrante seeds on top for a sweet and savory delight.


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Latkes can take on a delicious Italian twist when topped with mozzarella and tomato, be sinfully delicious with cheesesteak style topping, or keep it simple and just add a sprinkle of your favorite cheese. Check out this recipe for latkes topped with sriracha cheddar cheese sauce.

Maple Syrup and Berries


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Who’s to say that a potato pancake isn’t just as deserving of a healthy dollop of syrup as an ordinary pancake? Level the playing field by topping off your latkes with fresh berries and a bit of real maple syrup.

An Egg

Cutting into your latke and seeing a perfectly running yolk ooze into the potato is a heavenly sight, and eating it is that much better. Top it off with greens or hollandaise sauce for an extra rich and delicious combo. You won’t be sorry you did.

Smoked Salmon


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Smoked salmon, or lox, is another traditional Jewish food. It is often enjoyed on a bagel with cream cheese, but can be equally delicious on top of a potato pancake. You could even add a bit of cream cheese to your latke and lox.

Deli Meat

Bread too boring? Make your lunches during Hanukkah latke sandwiches. You can get the experience of a Jewish deli and the holiday classic all in one bite for all eight nights.