The cold is rolling in, the libraries are filling up all across campus, and tests and due dates seem to be taking over every inch of your calendar; that's how you know midterm season is here. So when you fall asleep on your textbooks, feeling the energy draining from your soul, you can always rely on a good cup of coffee to wake you up.

If cafeteria coffee isn’t cutting it anymore, the line up at Tims is just too long, and you're in need of a break from the campus scene, look no further than downtown Kingston for a caffeine kick to get you through midterms.

1. NORTHSIDE espresso + kitchen

NORTHSIDE has quickly become a popular destination for anyone looking for a good cup of coffee and a cute Insta picture. It's delicious food, drinks, and Australian inspired decor attract coffee lovers of all ages to sit, sip and enjoy life.

2. CRAVE Coffee House & Bakery

Whether you're 'craving' a good cup of joe or just a relaxing place to cuddle up with a friend, CRAVE Coffee House & Bakery is the perfect place to get cozy and settle in. Its warm atmosphere and array of sweet treats and good eats, including authentic Greek combos, is sure to lower that stress and fill up your hungry bellies.

3. Coffeeco

Coffeeco has quickly become known for their delicious fair trade coffee, and unique, rustic feel. The small cafe includes a large window front, looking out onto Springer Market Square, and the exposed brick walls give the cafe a homey feel. Organic, freshly made goodies are sure to bring a smile to your face, as well as their 10 cent refills!

4. Coffee and Company 

This corner coffee shop uniquely pairs with a local ice cream store to bring you the best selection of hot and cold treats. Known for cappuccinos and lattes alike, it has become a hot spot for tourist, locals and students of all ages. Its comfortable seating and ambiance makes it a welcoming spot to crack open a book and grab a snack.

5. Balzac's Coffee

Artisanal, sustainable, local, and natural are the four words that describe this fan-favourite cafe. Local ingredients go into every signature yellow cup: fair trade sugar, coffee and cocoa have been used since they opened in 1997. Kingston is home to the company's 12th location, which is a bright and cozy place to read a book, work on a paper, or enjoy the sunshine under the iconic yellow umbrellas.

6. Sipps Coffee and Desert Bar

For anyone looking for a view and a hot brew, look no further than Sipps! The cafe is the perfect place to enjoy treats hot and cold, inside and outside. Its patio, on the corner of Springer Market Square is a view sought after by all Kingston locals. Sit, "Sipp" and grab a slice of their signature cakes to give you the sugar boost you need to get through those study notes. 

7. Cha Villa

Calling all coffee haters in need of a caffeine boost! Cha Villa, one of the many cafes located on Springer Market Square, is home to every kind of tea you could imagine. Its unique selection and convenient online ordering system makes getting your favourite teas as easy as the touch of a button. Their seasonal lightbulb tea is sure to bring you some bright ideas this study season.

Bear Pond Espresso photo by Jonas Jacobsson (@jonasjacobsson) on Unsplash

jonasjacobsson on unsplash

So no matter what drink gets you out of bed in the morning, know that someone in Kingston has a cup for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beans this midterm season and know that these seven cafes pass the test... even if you don't.