We are back with another #SpoonAUSummer Instagram roundup. These June foodstagrams are hotter, sexier and more delicious than ever. Viewer discretion is advised.

1. The Bacon Princess strikes again with these sexy ass nachos.

These nachos changed my life

A photo posted by The Bacon Princess (@thebaconprincessblog) on Jun 24, 2015 at 8:14pm PDT

2. These hotdogs make a dragon wanna retire, man.

Rainy days call for some hotdogs ? #SpoonAUSummer @spoon_au #spoonfeed

A photo posted by Shannon Keene (@xoshannonigan) on Jun 12, 2015 at 4:21pm PDT

3. You know we like to take it international. Beautiful bingsoo and watermelon from South Korea.

4. Lawd, thank you for Rita’s. Amen.

5. Let’s get a little “pride-full” with this masterpiece of a donut.

6.  True Life: I’m addicted to these no bake vegan brownie bites.

7. Literally this is probably the artsiest Instagram of a smoothie bowl ever.

There you have it: all our favorite foodstagrams from the month of June. Keep tagging #SpoonAUSummer on the ‘gram and you might be featured in our tasty July roundup.