It's no secret that Winston-Salem's food scene has been expanding. With new restaurants and cafés popping up all over the city, there is no better time to channel your inner foodie. From authentic Neapolitan pizza to decked out milkshakes, your new motto will be "phone eats first." Keep reading to discover where you can find the most Instagram-worthy food in Winston.

1. Burger Batch's Milkshakes 

We've all seen the famous NYC Black Tap milkshakes that took Instagram by storm just a few years ago. Luckily, you can get those decadent milkshakes topped with everything from cake to cereal right here in Winston-Salem. Located downtown, Burger Batch serves up six extreme milkshakes that are absolutely Instagram-worthy. The menu consists of milkshake combos that are beyond thinkable, like the Black and White shake with Oreo ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie on top or the Breakfast Club shake, which is complete with five different cereals. 

2. Humble Bee Shoppe's Fruity Pebble Cookie Sandwich 

Elizabeth Maline

The Humble Bee Shoppe is a local treasure, to say the least. This mouth-watering Fruity Pebble cookie sandwich is just one of the many completely aesthetically pleasing treats that the bakery has to offer. The treats aren't only amazing to look at but every single bite tastes amazing too. At the Humble Bee Shoppe, will want to sink your teeth in all sorts of cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and so much more that will have both you and your phone craving more. 

3. Dough-Joe's Doughnuts 

Elizabeth Maline

Dough-Joe's is a recent Winston-Salem fan favorite. And that's not surprising, I'm drooling just thinking about biting into one of these warm and fluffy doughnuts. Even with finals coming up, restraining yourself to snap a good photo before you take a bite will be the hardest thing you do all week! 

4. Camino Bakery's Hot Drink Designs 

Simply flawless. How do the baristas do it? I really couldn't tell you, but I can promise you that whenever you order a hot drink from Camino Bakery there will be a unique foam design floating on the top of it. From regular lattes to seasonal specials, Camino's drinks are sure to be eye-catching on your Instagram feed. 

5. Westend Coffeehouse's Mac and Cheese Pie 

Maya Greenfeld

While I am a fan of any pie in general, I am unregrettably bias for this Mac and Cheese pie from Westend Coffeehouse. The ooey-gooey noodles are the perfect addition to brighten up your Instagram feed so you can reminisce on this deliciousness on a daily basis, especially since it's only a speciality item on the menu.

6. Atelier Bakery's Banana Boat 

Maya Greenfeld

Beautiful and delicious. What more could you want? This banana boat from Atelier Bakery on Trade Street is filo dough filled with caramelized bananas. Besides this decadent treat, there are dozens more photogenic pastries to find at Atelier. Your phone, your stomach, and your Instagram feed will be thanking you later.  

7. Village Juice's Sweet Potato Toast 

Elizabeth Maline

The only thing better than avocado toast is avocado on slices of sweet potato. Village Juice Co. didn't just stop at sprucing up your avocado toast -- they have all sorts of toppers for your sweet potato slices, from homemade nut butter and banana to pear and goat cheese, and even the classic BLT. All are equally photogenic and delicious. 

As you can tell, Winston-Salem is fit for any foodie. From coffeehouse's to bakeries, your Instagram is just waiting for you to snap a picture at one of these favorites.