We, the gen 'Y' often get caught up with work schedules and our hectic lifestyles. Your immune system may be awesome right now, but a few years down the line and you may regret not looking after yourself in the good old days. So, lo and behold, I present to you 7 healthy habits that will keep you hale and hearty for a long time to come.

1. Early To Bed And Early To Rise

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Jocelyn Hsu

Like most of our generation, chances are that like the rest of us, you are an unredeemable night-owl. However, take our advice and give yourself the 8 hours of sleep you truly deserve. Research has found that 8 hours of good-quality sleep is beneficial for both heart-health and boosting your memory. You will be pleasantly surprised that an early morning means a lot more time that leads to increased work efficiency. So the next time you feel forgetful, do yourself a favour - resist watching the next episode of your new binge-obsession and sleep on it! 

2. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate!

You might have heard this from a number of sources a number of times but despite all of that, most people do not drink enough water. Prolonged dehydration may lead to extreme fatigue, heatstrokes, bladder infections and in more extreme cases, even kidney failure. Recall the days when despite doing nothing all day, you felt like you had lifted a bus, climbed Mount Everest and cooked a meal for a party of hundred. This kind of exhaustion is your body's desperate way of asking for H20. Chug 8 glasses of water/day and watch as the long-lost glow returns to your face. Trust us, this is the easiest way to look 21 forever ;)

3. Switch to Healthier Eating

Priyaank Sharma

Well simply put - order nimbu pani over carbonated, harmful drinks and choose whole wheat bread for sandwiches over its white counterpart rich in empty calories. Pick out fresh, seasonal fruits from your local vendor instead of opting for the sweeter, canned version of pineapple stocked by the dozen on supermarket shelves and eat a handful of dry fruits/nuts of your choice instead of munching on that packet of chips. It is time that we not only switched to smarter living but smarter eating. I guarantee, that this golden rule will keep you happy and healthy for years to come. Find interesting, healthier versions of your favourite junk food here. 

4. Exercise Daily

This one is an oldie and goldie. Sitting idle for the entire week and working out vigorously on the weekend is not ok. Make a habit to work out EVERY SINGLE DAY. You can choose your own way to get fit - whether it is playing badminton or hitting the swimming pool for at least 30 minutes every day.  If you don’t get the time, pick activities that can be performed easily as part of your daily routine - take the stairs, or even try cycling to your local supermarket. The point is, find your way to burn those calories on a daily basis - working out can actually be fun, releasing all those happy hormones! 

5. Limit Thy Caffeine 

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Kristine Mahan

As much as we love and desperately need our daily dose of coffee, tea and Red Bull, excessive consumption can have dangerous consequences. More than 4 cups of coffee per day can lead to a long list of disorders like migraines, insomnia, frequent stomach upsets and restlessnesses. Moreover, there is a risk of high blood pressure and addiction which makes one feel twice as tired. So my friends limit thy caffeine for a healthy you.

6. Cut The Junk From Your Life

Dimple Hotchandani

Who doesn’t love a pizza date and we can all swear by that food joint right around our college. We dance to the tunes of waffles and never say no to fries. You do live only once but you don’t want to enjoy life for only the 10 years that your heart decides to work with you. Listen to us and cut the junk if you really want to live your life to the fullest. A little snack here and there is okay but choosing pizza to be the meal of everyday really isn't. Money may be able to buy Nutella but it cannot buy you good health. 

7. Make a To-Eat-List

To do lists are out dated. Our foody selves will definitely love these to-eat lists. Make a weekly to-eat list that includes fresh fruits, raw veggies, water and a healthy breakfast. This will help you regulate what you eat and include all the essential nutrients you need.

#SpoonTip: It will also help you keep your cheat days in check and prevent them from turning into weeks and inevitably years!