Here in the Northeast, we’re used to winter weather: sleet, frozen rain, vague wintry mixes, we can handle it all. But this time, Mother Earth has decided to play a sick joke and dump all of the snow ever in existence into one region.

Because you’ve run out of ideas of what to do on your fifth snow day (it was fun for the first two but now you’ve forgotten what the outdoors looks like), or you’re trying to imagine where all this snow is going to go, we have some ideas for you. Here are seven ways to start using the arctic tundra that has become your campus to your culinary advantage.

1. Blended Margarita


Photo Courtesy of Chow

Snow days got you down? Drink your feelings — it’s the safe thing to do. This margarita recipe uses snow in place of ice to create a dreamy alcoholic slushy.

2. Molasses Snow Candy


Photo Courtesy of Fix Me a Snack

When you’re feeling cooped up and kinda useless, it’s a good time to take up a new craft: candy maker. Start with this recipe for heated molasses poured onto snow to cool and you’ll never go back to your history major with a psychology minor.

3. Snow Drink Cooler


Photo Courtesy of Aydin Odyakmaz

It’s not a recipe, but it’s a great idea. Stick your beer, vodka, limoncello, or whatever drink of choice into a solid chunk of snow and discover what nature can do for you in the cooler. It’s about time the snow did you a favor.

4. Mango-Strawberry Snow Cones


Photo Courtesy of Food Network

You can skip the first step of this recipe because you’re just using fresh snow. Blending in fresh or frozen fruit will have you tasting summertime even in the midst of a Snowpocalypse.

5. Snow Pancakes


Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail

Yep, snow pancakes. They’re a thing. Snow adds unexpected fluffiness to the batter in these thinner-than-your-average pancakes. And just in case you’re so over 21st century pancakes, try a recipe for snow fritters or snow pancakes from the 1800s because you miss phrases like “have ready a frying-pan with boiling lard.”

6. Icicle Stirrers


Photo Courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess

It may be the easiest snow day hack, but it’s also the most genius. Grab one of those treacherous icicles hanging from a nearby surface and stick it in your drink. It acts as both ice cube and stirrer as you once again revert to drinking on days like these.

7. Sno-scream


Photo by Rae Steinbach

It only takes three ingredients to make sno-scream, aka snow ice cream: milk, sugar, snow. Vegan? No problem; use non-dairy milk (like this almond milk). Simply grab a bowl of snow, add a spoonful or two of sugar, then add your milk until you reach the consistency you want. Add more sugar to taste. Stirring in some vanilla extract is also a great idea, along with fruit or chocolate chips or whatever flavor variations you want. For a more authentic ice cream, there’s Paula Deen’s recipe.

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