Back as a kid, if you envisioned a utopian world in the year 2018, well, by now you know that’s a fantasy. But hey, look at what we do have now. With strides towards a more tech-centric world, there are now brilliant food inventions all thanks to science and technology. Upgrade your kitchen experience with these futuristic food inventions.

1. Tellspec

Confused about what you’re really putting in your body? Tellspec is a device that scans your food and transfers the nutritional data to your phone via Bluetooth. A chart analysis will pop up on your phone in less than five seconds after scanning to tell you the nutritional value of your food. The collected data will be stored to track what you ate and for future use under your account. You can download the app here. Talk about being savvy with your food.

2. Aroma R-Evolution

MOLECULE-R's AROMAFORK and AROMASPOON has a set of pre-programmed 21 aromas so you can smell different things while eating your food. You can create unusual food pairings using their technology called volatile flavoring. The set of utensils comes with bottles of scents you can choose from to create a unique dining experience.

3. PrepPad

If you’re curious about what you’re eating exactly, try using the Prep Pad. The food scale will measure the exact nutrition you’re getting by weight. To use this device, you have to download the app Countertop. You can get USDA nutrition recommendations based on the information you put about yourself or set nutritional goals manually on the app.

Use the available database or scan barcodes to measure the nutritional value of what you’re going to eat. As soon as you put your ingredient on the Prep Pad, it will measure the nutritional value and display it in the app. Get your own preppy Prep Pad here.

4. Nomiku

To understand how this device works, you have to know what sous vide is. Sous vide is a method of cooking vacuum-sealed food in a low-temperature water bath. Zip your food in a sealed bag and dip it into a water bath. Attach the Nomiku to the water bath and control the cooking process on your phone.

This device requires you to download the Eat Tender app and to connect it with your Nomiku too. You also have complete control on when to start cooking by setting the time through the app. Cooking fancy has never been this easy.

5. Healbe GoBe2

Take the Go Be 2 as your health-conscious Apple Watch. Developed by Healbe, the Go Be 2 is a smartwatch that tracks all aspects of your physical well-being, such as your energy levels, calorie intake, and calories burned from your daily activities. You can also monitor your sleep and hydration level through this device. It doubles as a sleek accessory on your arm. 

These devices are not yet available for purchase, but they will be soon.

6. Vocktail

This invention is a dream-come-true for those who are picky about cocktails. The Vocktail can enhance the taste of your drink or create new flavors from water all from the touch of your fingertips. It releases scents, creates digital tastes, and gives off light to imitate a real cocktail. Connect your phone to the Vocktail via Bluetooth and customize your drink from the app. 

7. Foodini

Alas, the face of a delicious future is coming. The Foodini machine uses plastics to squeeze out edible ingredients and create your unique food. Similar to the size of the oven, the Foodini is yet to be released. It’s great for creating a food item that requires precision. The screen on the machine connects to a recipe site on the database. Tap on the screen, sit back, and let Foodini do its magic.