Spring is the time of year when everything starts to come alive, so why not bring your kitchen back to life as well? Dust off that cookie sheet and spatula and get cooking with these 7 fresh, in season spring desserts. They’re a little more adventurous than your classic chocolate cake, so get ready to try something risky. You won’t regret it.

Grilled Strawberry Parfait


Photo by Grace Bodkin

We’ll start off easy with a fruit we all know and love: the strawberry. They’re delicious on their own (and even better covered in chocolate), but have you ever thought of grilling them? Me neither. This recipe is a cinch to make, but the flavor is out of this world.

Carrot Cake Milkshake


Photo by Megan Peterson

Crunchy carrots are great with hummus, but a lot of times you wouldn’t think to put them in your dessert. This milkshake is a twist on carrot cake, and don’t worry; it doesn’t taste like vegetables. The carrots are less about flavoring and more about adding texture to this dreamy dessert.

Blood Orange Glazed Donuts


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

I donut think there is a better way to add a zing of flavor to this dessert than with a blood orange glaze. Skip the typical chocolate frosted donut with jimmies and give this a try instead. Homemade donuts with fresh fruit are an unbeatable combination.

Key Lime Pie Cookies


Photo by Elena Besser

Limes are good for pretty much two things: margaritas and key lime pie. This dessert is a twist on a classic key lime pie recipe, and it’s basically graham cracker sugar cookies stuffed with key lime filling. There are two words to describe these masterpieces, and they’re “OMG, yum.”

Tropical Mango S’mores


Photo by Ericka Sanchez

These s’mores are just your average s’mores, but with a boost of flavor. Mangos add a surprising sweetness to a dessert that everyone loves. You can whip this together in five minutes, but all your friends will be wondering how you thought to put fruit in a s’more.

Prickly Pear (AKA Cactus) Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of Nancy Newcomer

Prickly pears aren’t the most common fruit, but don’t let that scare you off. Once you learn how to properly prepare the cactus, this recipe is actually super easy. Prickly pears vary in color, so you won’t get the same product every time you make this dessert, which is part of the fun. This unique flavor of ice cream is unexpectedly tasty, and it’s always exciting to try new foods.

Pineapple Dessert Pizza


Photo courtesy of Alison Miksch

I think we can all agree that pizza is a gift from the heavens, and that nothing can beat a good old classic cheese pizza. Except for maybe this dessert pizza smothered in sweetened cream cheese and topped with juicy pineapples. Don’t be scared off by a sweet pizza because this delicacy is definitely unbeatable.