If you’re like me, you know that going to the gym is hard. By the time you actually get to the gym, you’re out of breath and all you can think about is how far away you are from the bed you were so reluctant to leave. Thankfully there’s another option, and it involves food.

You’ve probably heard of negative-calorie foods. They contain more water than calories, so digesting them burns more calories than you take in, and so by eating these foods, you’re burning calories. It’s exercise. It’s a gift. It’s a Get-Out-of-the-Gym free card.

Let’s be honest with ourselves though. Substituting negative calories for exercise isn’t really practical, so don’t do that. No one could eat enough negative-calorie foods to make up a missed gym session. However, swapping one unhealthy snack a day for a healthy negative-calorie snack may make you feel less guilty about your excessive snacking.

Here are some negative or low calorie foods for you to snack on:

1. Celery


Photo by Elizabeth Layman

Celery is made of water and fiber, both great things. Fiber keeps you full. No more stomach growling in class and awkward side glances from the person next to you.

2. Watermelon


Photo by Tess Wei

Studies show that watermelon can actually help promote weight-loss. Because water makes up over 90% of every watermelon, it will keep you feeling full without giving you too many unhealthy calories. As an added bonus, the vitamin B in watermelon increases energy levels.

Beat the summer heat with this refreshing salad…or if you’re done caring about calories and the in the mood for a summer darty, try these sour patch watermelon vodka shots.

 3. Apple


Photo by Maggie Gorman

In addition to helping you lose weight, apples will reduce your risk of cancer. An apple a day keeps the calories, and the doctor, away. Keep yourself full by mixing apples and quinoa to make this awesome salad.

4. Tomato


Photo by Nancy Chen

Tomatoes have great health benefits. It is said that they can prevent cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Also, one serving is only 17 calories.

5. Cucumber


Photo by Lynden Orr

Snack on some cucumber slices to stay hydrated. You’ll also get vitamin C and reduce inflammation. Try combining the benefits of cucumbers and tomatoes by making this delicious salad.

6. Broccoli


Photo Courtesy of Mackenzie Barth

There are so many benefits to eating broccoli that it should be labeled a superfood. It has a lot of fiber, as much protein as rice, and immune-boosting ingredients like beta-carotene and zinc. If you don’t like raw broccoli, try these simple recipes.

7. Grapefruit


Photo by Lily Allen

Grapefruit is made of 60% water. It contains a specific type of fiber that protects against heart disease. It can boost metabolism, reduce cholesterol, and fill you up. In case you didn’t know, here’s how to cut a grapefruit.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, choose one of these negative calorie foods instead of your usual box of Cheez-Its. It’s like you’re exercising (kind of).