If there is a food-scented candle out there, I have taken a whiff of it. Eight times out of ten, I am disappointed. Pie-scented candles are usually as good as it gets. There are a few extraordinary candles out there, but generally an entire category of candles is lacking. Chocolate-scented candles are a disgrace to chocolate and where are the pizza-scented candles? What about the smell of fresh bread?

The twenty-first century and the candle industry has let me down. So many delicious smells, yet so few candle equivalents. Just think what food-scented candles could do for the lazy home cook, the homesick freshman, or the savvy real estate agent.

Whether or not the thought has crossed your mind, these ideas might make you think a little deeper about the art form that is the candle and what it could mean to have these delicious scents fill your home. 

1. Fresh Baked Bread

bread, pastry, wheat, flour, sweet, cake, dough, cereal
Helena Lin

This is one of the best smells of all time. Fresh, warm, pillowy bread. You can almost feel the spongy texture and taste the deep yeasty flavor with a single whiff. I would buy at least 10 of these candles.

2. Chocolate

chocolate, cream, milk, sweet, candy, coffee, pudding, chocolate mousse, mousse, goody
Abigail Wilkins

There have been many attempts at creating a candle that actually smells like chocolate. None of them have made the cut. I just want my room to smell like there's a chocolate river flowing through it, is that too much to ask? 

3. Pizza

pizza, cheese, dough, sauce, mozzarella, meat, crust, tomato, pepperoni
Amy Yi

Pizza, the unofficial food of college. You could eat your cold pizza after lighting this candle. The smells of greasy cheese and dough rising fill the room, reminding you of the fresh slice that the pizza you are now eating used to be. 

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies 

chocolate, cookie, pastry, cake, sweet, goody
Mackenzie Barth

You can smell the chocolate melting. The dough may be the best part, but the smell that fills the house is a close second. This would definitely make me want the real thing

5. Coffee 

coffee, chocolate, cereal, espresso, cappuccino, mocha, sweet, black beans
Abby Reisinger

This could be a game changer for mornings. This candle would be a full hit of caffeine, no sugary "coffee" impostor here. The rich scent that hits you as you walk down the coffee aisle touches your soul. It's the stuff of dreams, without the need for sleep. 

6. Bacon

Katie Elliott

Waking up to the smell of bacon almost guarantees a good day. Take that and put it into a candle. Think of all the possibilities. I am 100% ready to replace my flower-scented candles with a bunch of these. 

7. Any Form of Barbecued Meat

Alex Vu

Let's all be honest, summer is about the barbecued meat. Game days are about the barbecued meat. America is about the barbecued meat. Why not make your house about the barbecued meat?

Until the candle industry catches up, we'll just have to be happy with flower- and apple pie-scented candles. This could be the beginning of a candle revolution. Which candle would you buy?