It's #jobinterviewszn as everyone is scrambling to find plans for the summer. This means endless applications, cover letters, and of course, interviews. The highly anticipated interview is a short meeting that could determine the next few months of your life. No pressure!

Of course, you need to prepare yourself well, and feel very knowledgable about the company before walking in. But, no matter how knowledgable you are, other factors, like the food you eat beforehand, may make the interview go a bit downhill. Not much is less distracting than bad breath and a blue tongue.

To make sure your intelligence isn't overshadowed by what you ate for lunch, here is a list of foods you should never eat before a job interview. 

1. Onions and Garlic

garlic, vegetable, condiment, relish, herb, onion, elephant garlic
Kristine Mahan

Nothing says, "I don't prioritize hygiene," more than a mouthful of bad breath. Show your future employer that you can take care of yourself while getting the job done by avoiding these potent foods, or at least by brushing your teeth before shaking hands. 

2. Too Much Fiber

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Zoe Malin

Too much fiber can take the nervous "butterflies" to an extreme. Spare yourself a rumbling tummy distracting you from the interview session or, even worse, a nervous toot in the middle of a great response. Stick with foods that will fill you up, but aren't known to be super fibrous. 

3. Colored Candies or Lollipops

As yummy as blue raspberry, cherry, and grape-flavored candies may be, they tend to stain your teeth and tongue. You should but your best self forward in an interview, and coating your smile in colored candy may come off a bit immature, not to mention it's distracting. Sure, lollipops are delish and nothing is stopping you from crushing one before your interview, but check your mouth before entering the office. 

4. Excessive Caffeine 

Pre-interview jitters are inevitable. By drinking too much caffeine though, you could amplify those jitters to a heart-beating-too-fast, hands-shaking, foot-tapping level. Caffeine is most people's jam, but there is definitely a fine line between walking on caffeinated sunshine versus wanting to jump out of your own skin. Be careful not to cross that line before an interview.

5. Alcohol or Other Illegal Substances

wine, alcohol, liquor, red wine, coffee
Alex Frank

Sometimes people like to have a lil' drank or some other things to "take the edge off" when they're feeling nervous. However, interview nerves (or really any nerves) shouldn't be treated this way. Do not indulge in substances before an interview to make yourself feel at ease. Not only will you smell like what you've been drinking, but you probably won't be acting exactly like yourself. You know what they say—you gotta be your true self during an interview, not the f*cked up version of you.

6. Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a dangerous game. It is delicious and irresistible, but it has a mind of its own. One minute, you're enjoying a nice plate of spaghetti, and the next, your new shirt is ruined with a big red stain. Stains have a mouth of their own and can detract from what you're saying or doing. The lasagna you've been craving is not worth the possibility of ruining your professional appearance.

7. Lots of H20

ice, water, splash, cup of water, water cup, water splash, dropping ice
Jocelyn Hsu

You've probably heard people talk about how they need to drink more water. No one ever references, though, what happens when you drink too much water. Imagine sitting in your interview, your bladder is about to explode, and all you can think about is how far the nearest bathroom is. Drink enough water to hydrate and to keep your throat ready to do a lot of talking, but not enough where you will have to run to the restroom mid-interview.

Listen up—if you've done your research and feel prepared, you've got this interview thing down. Don't let the food you eat take away from all your shining qualities. Choose your breakfast or lunch wisely and consider avoiding the list above, be yourself, and your interview will be a success.