Imagine you spend your day at the beach, bronzing (or frying) in the sun, cooling off in the water, and working up one mean appetite. Upon departure, you realize that the hunger monster is at your door and he won’t stop knocking, so you decide to stop for something to eat with your best buds.

Typically, after a day at the beach, you want something light, something refreshing, but also something oh-so-satisfying. You’re hot, you’re sandy, you’re sunburnt and you’re covered in lotion, so you want something that is not only going to cease the hunger but also make you feel good and comforted.

Here are a few of the best things to eat after a long, hot day at the beach:

Fish Tacos


Photo by Paulina Lam

Fish tacos are my favorite post-beach indulgence. Fish is lighter and better for you than beef, plus, if you’re by the ocean, the fish is probably fresh. Top these babies off with a little bit of cool salsa, smooth guac, and a sprinkle of refreshing lime juice and you’re good to go. Fish tacos will not only give you the cool down refreshment you need, but will also make your tummy smile. Try these grapefruit salsa fish tacos for the ultimate refreshing but filling meal.

Classic BLT


Photo by Devon Carlson

There’s nothing but perfection sandwiched between these two toasty pieces of bread. Cool off with some fresh lettuce and tomato while crunching into the savory bacon slices. This balance will not only leave you feeling rejuvenated but also make your taste buds happy. You can also upgrade your BLT with these hacks.

Lobster Roll

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I mean, really? Do I even have to explain?

Anything From the Raw Bar

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Clams and oysters are staple beach eats. They are also served raw so they will give you the cool down you need. Because they are small and shareable, it’s easy to order as you go in case you want more. Squeeze some lemon and your favorite hot sauce over these puppies while sipping on an ice cold brew and you’ll be stuck at this bar for hours.

Avocado Toast

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Avocado toast creates the most perfect combo of gooey egg, avocado, fresh tomato, and toasted bread. The tomato and avocado is a great way to get the cool down you need, whereas the egg brings in the savory component. This option is not too heavy and will also leave your belly full.

Poké Bowl

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Poké bowls are gaining popularity all over, but they come in extra handy after a long, hot day at the beach. Cool off with fresh ahi tuna or salmon over a bed of rice or quinoa surrounded by a set of toppings of your choice. This Hawaiian staple will solve all of your post-beach hunger woes.

Açaí Bowl

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These guys aren’t just for breakfast and they’re a great way to cool off. Not to mention that they’re so delicious. You can top them with sweet toppings as well to cater to your sweet tooth. They’ll have you feeling cool and refreshed in no time.