Hello to all the millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation, and another hello to the demographic cohort that directly follows Generation Y. This article is to remind you of the days when you sheepishly stuffed your mouth with candies; days when you surreptitiously sneaked in food. Remember how you never came home with a change of 5 or 10 Rupees after running errands?

Because, well obviously, the packet of Uncle chips was calling you, almost begging you to take it home. And remember how you used to finish it even before reaching home? Had it not been for your soiled fingers (that you kept licking), mom would never notice the all-devouring wolf she had borne. Fun Flips, Oh Yes, lollipops, Jelly Belly…those were the days.

Childhood is a very memorable phase, ours especially so, since it was before technology took over, and our favourite pastime was collecting the free cards and collectibles found in every packet of Cheetos. If you are an ’80s and ’90s child you would remember there were many little treats that we crave for in this modern world, a world where kids might wonder what we’re talking about when we talk about these.

1. Crax


Photo by Sabhyata Badhwar

Those tempting corn rings had even the sweetest kids turn nasty, as we ran around with ten rings, one on each of our fingers, and munched on each one of the rings trying to impersonate a zombie of our own wicked imagination.

2. Parle-G


Photo By Mehak Dhawan

Till date, there is no better companion than a packet of Parle-G biscuits for that warm cup of tea. If tea is a hug in a cup (yes, we heard you Simon Baker), then Parle-G Glucose biscuits are the inevitable kisses that follow the hug. Dipping it in our cup before it crumbles and falls in the cup is an art, and we mastered it way back in the 90s. Bow down, kiddos! Thankfully for us, this one hasn’t gone out of style, mind or market.

3. Candy Cigarettes

Remember pretending to smoke while actually licking this sweet cigarette? It was swag of the bygone days. But well, smoking kills. And it certainly killed these candy sticks from the most accessible market.

4. Chatmola

Having #chatmola after almost a #Decade #nostalgia #Flashback to #school

A photo posted by Achint Sharma (@googlechrist) on Sep 2, 2015 at 10:20am PDT

We’re just saying that these spicy and salty tablets did wonders for digestion after a heavy meal. Eating this “churan goli” after every meal was a ritual in every household. Gone are the days of heavy family meals and gone are the days of savoring Chatmola

5. Poppins


Photo By Riya Chhikara

These rainbow-colored candies had the best of buddies fighting over their favorite color. School children’s bags and pockets were a testimony to the hit that these were. Parle Poppins did make a comeback with their “Doon kya? Kya dega re tu?” advertisements, but these had far more charm for us than the tablet as kids.

6. Kismi Toffees

These irresistible elaichi flavoured toffees are still widely available. And we are still the largest buyers. How we still laugh at the kissing jokes we made out of it as a kid. The person who christened it so knew it all along. Here’s proof.

7. Mango Bite

The fav candy #MangoBite 20years – same taste, same price and same wrapper. A photo posted by R.O.H.I.T (@belikerp) on Apr 10, 2015 at 2:38pm PDT

Still our favourite candy, it is no less than a bite taken from a ripe mango. Summer vacations meant packets of Mango Bite stocked up. We have fought with our siblings for the last “bite”. We’ve competed with our siblings over who ends up eating the most of these. Beat that.