I know that some of you out there are looking to “spice things up” in the boudoir, but are sick of the same old foods. If the first 7 Foods Christian Grey Would Eat Off You didn’t successfully satisfy your wild side, try taking your love life to the next level with these seven saucy foods.

1. Borscht

Recognized as a Ukrainian original, Borscht is sure to get you hot and bothered. (Bothered because it is unpleasant to have steaming hot borscht on your skin…just ask your babushka)

2. Spaghetti

Literally everyone looks sexy eating spaghetti. That’s just a fact.

3. Cobb Salad

Nothing says romantic evening like a good ole’ fashioned cobb salad. I’d go easy on the dressing though — it can be loaded with hidden fats and calories.

4. Crackers

They wouldn’t have the saying, “I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating a box of crackers” if it wasn’t spot on.

5. Honey

If there’s one thing a relationship needs, it is honey…everywhere. Really just everywhere. You said it would just be in a confined area, but now it’s somehow on the lamp in the living room…and you didn’t even go in there…

6. A Burger

For a really wild night, put a fried egg on it. Ketchup is fine, but no mustard. That would be gross.

7. Capers

Add a little kick to your relationship, then spend the next few weeks randomly finding capers littered throughout your home (a reminder of that incredible night.)


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