Aw the vagina, vagine, platinum p*ssy. Half of the population has them. They’re a self-cleaning oven of magicalness. But what foods will keep your flower at the top of its game? Here’s a list of necessary foods for vaginal health.

1. Garlic

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Kristine Mahan

I’ve always heard that garlic will make your breath (and other things) smell bad, but according to LIVESTRONG.COM that smell is what makes it so good for your bits. When you eat garlic it flows through your bloodstream and out onto your skin, sometimes giving you a garlicy smell. Garlic can be used to both treat and help prevent yeast infections.

2. Cranberry juice

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Eliza Mead

Cranberry juice is something we’ve all heard of if we’ve ever had the misfortune of waking up with a dreaded UTI. One mistake that many people make though, is buying processed, sugary cranberry cocktail. That won’t help. Make sure to read the labels and go for a no-sugar-added brand to get the most benefits out of it. It’s a little more bitter, but nothing tastes as awful as a UTI feels.

3. Water

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Caroline Liu

I love water. It’s my go to drink infront of sweet tea and tequila. While water is good for every other part of your body, it's especially important in helping your love box stay hydrated and well lubricated. If you’re dehydrated, your body can’t produce natural lubrication that makes sex and masturbation more pleasurable. If you were looking for another reason to drink more water, here it is.

4. Chocolate

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Christin Urso

Fighting the urge to indulge in that piece of dark chocolate after dinner? Give in. According to Bon appetite, chocolate is rich in magnesium (soothes nerves), methylxanthines (boosts sex-drive), and phenylalanine which produces dopamine. Basically what I’m saying is a little bit of chocolate can be good for you. 

5. Pineapple

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Amelia Hitchens

Everyone has heard the benefits of eating pineapple to make you taste better down there.  Although some people have conflicting opinions on whether or not this is actually true, Buzzfeed says that there is no scientific evidence to back that claim up.  With that being said, it definitely doesn't hurt to try it.  

6. Broccoli 

broccoli, cabbage, vegetable, cauliflower, kale
Kristine Mahan

Leafy greens in general seem to be good for your overall health, but broccoli is a power food when it comes to down there.  According to Eat This, Not That! women who ate more broccoli had a 40% lower risk of developing ovarian cancer. Now all of those years of my mom telling me to eat my broccoli finally make sense.

7. Green Tea

green tea, coffee, tea
Kaitlin Wheeler

Being from the south, sweet tea is in by blood.  Turns out, sweet tea's more bitter cousin, green tea is great for your vagine.  Shape reports that products in green tea may help to kill E. coli bacteria that can cause UTIs.  Also, the caffeine can help to ease annoying PMS symptoms. Drink up ladies. 

Between balancing school, work, relationships, etc. it's easy for women for forget to take care of themselves. Yes, vaginas are extremely advanced and can clean their own damn selfs, but it's nice to take care of them and show them a little love from time to time.  Try fitting these 7 foods into your diet and your love box will surely thank you.