Has food encased your life so deeply that you wish everywhere you looked you saw food? Well now that dream can become a reality. Feast your eyes on seven of the most delicious and succulent food themed home décor items that will make your taste buds salivate.

1. Pizza Bed Spread 

For when your S/O wants a slice of that, spice up your room and heat up your love life with this Pizza Bed Spread.

2. Doughnut Pillow

Sprinkle a little decadence around you home with this doughnut pillow that is as soft and irresistible as a real doughnut. 

3. PB & J Pillow Set

Make your friends PB & Jelly with these matching PB & J pillows that are softer than fresh baked bread.  

4. Pizza Pie Clock

Anytime is pizza time and much like you, pizza gets greasier with time, so keep yourself on track with this enticing pizza clock.

5. Da Vinci Inspired Pizza Blanket

Keep yourself toasty like an oven with this Da-Vinci inspired pizza blanket, or should I say Da Vin-cheese?

6. Cheeseburger Clock 

Burger? I barely know her! Burgers are as old as time itself, so why not have the best of both worlds and tell the time with this succulently stacked cheeseburger clock

7. Andy Warhol Inspired Sriracha Painting

Deck your War-Halls with this dandy, Andy-inspired Sriracha painting that will not only spice up your home, but make you look like pop art guru. 

Now go out and decorate until your home is so adorned with food it could feed a small village.