No matter how absurd they might sound, superstitions are something we all believe in. And no matter how funny their solutions sound, we follow some nonetheless.

Food superstitions are no exceptions to this stigma. So, you must know about these food superstitions to ward off Lucifer or learn about the most novel ways to socialize (or not) using food.

 1. Garlic


Photo by Sally Zhang

Back when vampires were a more legit thing (and didn’t necessarily sparkle), our humble garlic was known to play the role of the savior. Ah, if only dear Lucy knew about this little tidbit, Dracula would have probably spared her and killed Bella Swan instead.

2. Eggs


Photo by Kavitha George

It is said that if you do not crush the ends of an egg after eating it, a witch will gather them to craft a boat that she could use to sail out to sea and wreck havoc. Now you know how Morgana planned on ruling the world.

3. Bread


Photo courtesy of

Remember the look of horror on your granny’s face when she sliced up a freshly made loaf of bread, only to find a large hole in the middle–created by an air pocket? It’s supposedly an omen for death. Thank heavens for sliced bread.

4. Noodles


Photo by Casey Leopald

All you ramen lovers out there, here’s another excuse for you guys to slurp away in glory. It is believed that a long noodle symbolizes a long life. Keep this is mind the next time you chop off your noodles while serving.

5. Parsley


Photo by Santina Renzi

Remember the last time you gifted parsley to your maternal aunt’s cousin brother? Well, neither do I. And all for good reason apparently, as parsley is an ultimate no-no when it comes to giving gifts. It is said that it brings bad luck, and even worse–bad looks. Who gifts parsley anyway?

6. Hot Pepper


Photo courtesy of The Hot Pepper

Introducing the miracle spice. Do you have a pesky batch-mate who doesn’t get the word ‘NO’? Or maybe a roommate who refuses to give you your space? Just give them hot pepper. It supposedly has these awesome powers that can bring discord in all your unwanted friendships. This one is a sure shot life saver.

7. Orange


Photo by Madison Mounty

Orange is the new red. So what if Valentine’s Day is over? Love is eternal. Orange is our superstitious answer to Harry Potter’s love potion. Increase your chances of finding true love by giving your crush an orange. Who gifts their love interest a rose nowadays? And of course, brownie points for the shock value.

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