Billie Eilish is one of the youngest artists to hit a No. 1 album, as a result of her 2019 masterpiece, "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" This woman has been killing it in the music industry lately with her crazy visuals and her absolutely amazing voice. Yet, there are far more reasons why we love her.

Billie has also proven to have an authentic personality with her fashion choices and outspoken nature. In fact, in an interview with L'Officiel she talked about people who are afraid to say what they feel, saying, "Being a human being, especially a female human being, who has opinions and feels certain ways about things and has a personality...I think universally, girls and women with personalities are hated in general." But even more, her comments, reactions, and utter love for burritos have been able to describe our relationship with food in just the right way.

Here are seven food related moments when we were all Billie Eilish:

1. When you're finally ordering your food after a long line, just to find out they ran out of what you wanted

Honestly, this is just extremely disappointing if you were already starving and thinking about that exact thing you wanted while making the line. On top of that, you have a bunch of other people behind waiting for you to, NO PRESSURE.

2. When you're trying to enjoy your pizza, and someone says how much calories it has

Wait, so, pizza is not healthy? Wow, I had no idea!

I am aware pizza is not a salad. It is still delicious, sorry.

3. When it's payday and you can finally afford to go eat at your favorite restaurant

We all love that feeling. There is no such thing as eating at home that day.

4. When you've had a little too much to drink, so you just stop making smart decisions

I swear, I'm good guys, I've only had five tequila shots...or maybe six?

5. When you're at a restaurant and you see your food coming to the table

I think we can all agree those are just happy times.

6. When your friends are trying to get the perfect shot 'cause the food you got is very instagrammable, so you're just like:

Just waiting, trying to hide the fact that you really just wanna maybe kinda start eating.

7. When someone couldn't finish their fries, and they ask if you want the rest

Did you say more fries? Hold on, let me bring more ketchup.

And finally, when you drink too much black liquid so just start tearing it all up...

Oh, never mind, that's just Billie.

Maybe we're not all as obsessed with Taco Bell as Billie Eilish is, but we can definitely relate to her reactions when it comes to food.

Go check out her latest album on Spotify, and enjoy this funny video of her eating hot wings while being interviewed on First We Feast: Hot Ones.

If you could share a meal with Billie, what would it be?