Want a reason to skip paying for lunch every Tuesday or Thursday? Trying to impress somebody with newfound cooking skills? Adding to your collection of pretty food pictures? Just want to devour delicious food?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you want to enroll NS 2470, also known as Food for Contemporary Living. And if you aren’t yet convinced, check out these food instagrams from the class and you might change your mind:

  1. Noodles galore 

    Dinner is served! #ns2470 #finallab #mealplanproject #senioryear #nomnomnom #imgonnamissthis

    A photo posted by Onica Serrano☀ (@onicas_) on

  2. These are healthy, right? 

    These black bean brownies got me like?????

    A photo posted by Kim Jerome, RDN, LD (@kjerome) on

  3. Lemon meringue

    Lemon Meringue pie from scratch!! #ns2470 #housewifetraining #feelinsouthern

    A photo posted by Kelsey Alford (@gingy292) on

  4. Chef (student) prep

  5. Colorful lunches

  6. Four grain bread

    Homemade 4 grain bread!! #ns2470 #bestclassever

    A photo posted by Kelsey Alford (@gingy292) on

  7. Cinnamon buns for days

    Hard work in class pays off ?

    A photo posted by L I A N N A (@lilikardz) on

Convinced that this is the greatest way to get credits yet?