Following foodies on Instagram is a must if you want to come close to experiencing drool-worthy food while you cry into your instant ramen at 3 am. We, as students, usually don’t have the time or the fresh, green dough (money) to spend on gluttonous and elaborate food creations.

We definitely don’t have time to become culturally diverse with our palettes, either. This is why Instagram’s the holy grail to living vicariously through the food porn of others — especially through Canadian food Instagram accounts.

As a Canadian, I noticed myself following a whole lot of foodies who posted pictures of food from places I don’t know, can’t access and can’t relate to. That’s when I remembered that I live in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

Canada’s food game consists of more than just maple syrup, and these Canadian food Instagram accounts prove that.

1. @cococakeland


Photo courtesy of @cococakeland on Instagram

Lyndsay Sung’s from Vancouver and her account is a beautiful array of pastels and pastries. The cuteness overload makes us remember why sugar embodies everything that’s nice in this world.

2. @cookswithcocktails


Photo courtesy of @cookswithcocktails on Instagram

This duo from British Columbia became our foodie #goals when they posted this Bloody Mary with the most amazing bacon and waffle concoction I’ve ever seen. Talk about having your drink and hangover food all in one.

3. @food.diva


Photo courtesy of on Instagram

Everyday eats never looked so glamorous. Like Anna, I’m a Torontonian and can attest to the spices and herbs that waft into your nose straight outta the photo.

4. @foodnouveau


Photo courtesy of @foodnouveau on Instagram

This French Canadian foodie always impresses us with her unique macarons. Not only do they look classy and delish, but with flavors from pistachio to clementine, these treats are straight off the trendiest runway.

5. @eathalifax


Photo courtesy of @eathalifax on Instagram

This mama from Halifax really knows how to make a meal. Her breakfast pizza, for instance, gives us the yolk porn we desire every morning and every night.

6. @sliceofpai


Photo courtesy of @sliceofpai on Instagram

This Vancouverite can transform ramen into a five star meal while making duck confit look super appealing as well. All of Joann’s photos embody the feels of a home-cooked meal, giving us all the visual comfort we need.

7. @dennistheprescott


Photo courtesy of @dennistheprescott on Instagram

A foodie Instagram source that’s a force to be reckoned with, Dennis provides excellence with his photos, which can be seen through the quintessential Canadian pancakes drizzled with decadent maple syrup and bacon.