The time we all look forward to during spring semester here in College Station has finally arrived. The time we put on our worn-out country boots and cut off jorts and get silly for some chili. Before you step foot on the grounds of Chilifest though, here are 7 essential items to take to Chilifest in order to survive and thrive out in Snook, Texas.


Lindsey Rau

It’s a country music festival, so giddy-up and embrace your inner country self and wear cowboy boots! From trekking through mud or maybe even two-stepping w a cute boy, these boots were made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do at Chilifest. 


Lindsey Rau

Fanny packs will never go out of style- they’re convenient, cute, and a necessity to keep all your stuff together while you run around Chilifest. 


Lindsey Rau

Slip your phone, ID, and some cash in this baggie to fool proof your items from being destroyed from the mud, water, and other flying liquids that might be thrown in the air. 


Lindsey Rau

Take a few packets of crystal light or even a MiO to add a lil flavor to the abundance of adult beverages that will be everywhere. Or if you’re under 21, mix it with water to stay #hydrated. 


cake, tea
Jocelyn Hsu

Phone service is non-existent out in Snook, so unless you’re telepathic, I suggest you invest in a walkie talkie so you can chat with your friends to see where they are. 

#SpoonTip: have a game plan before you even get to the grounds of where to meet if you get separated from the pack.


Lindsey Rau

Spring has sprung, which means the sun is OUT and it’s time to whip out your cheap sun glasses to #protectyoself from the sun. Check out the hottest sunglass trends to get some inspiration.


Whether it’s supposed to legit rain, or you just want to protect your outfit from the 100% chance of beer showers, you can’t go wrong with a poncho. Be festive and get an A&M one here.

These 7 essential items to take to Chilifest will have you more prepared than ever. So slip on those boots, strap on your fanny pack, and don't look back. It's chilifest time in College Station, so let the Chilifestivies begin!