Cereal is all the rage, kids. Today there are cafés dedicated solely to the art of creating an entirely customized bowl, and iconic cereal-infused ice cream spots like KITH Treats and Milk and Cream Cereal Bar. What used to be the butt of every "I can't cook for sh*t, but I can make this" joke, is now everywhere (and in everything). As part of what I'm guessing is cereal's master revenge plot for world domination, enter 7-Eleven's newest slurpee flavor: Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries. 

Surprise! The Internet Ain't Pleased

Captain, you shouldn't have! Well, at least that's what a majority of people across the Interwebs are saying. Apparently, cereal is totally acceptable in ice cream, milkshakes, cakes, cookies, other breakfast foods, popcorn, and vodka?! But, the second it enters a slurpee, the whole Internet has a meltdown. Upon the flavor's release, people took to Twitter to express their discontent with 7-Eleven's latest flavor addition. 

But, Don't Knock It Till You Try It

Contrary to what seemed to be Twitter's general consensus, as an NYC resident with born and raised suburbia coursing through my veins, I had to try the frozen, electric blue nectar for myself. And, if I'm being totally transparent here,  I freaking loved it. What looks like it should just taste like blue raspberry, eerily tastes exactly like Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries.

You expect to taste the berries and don't think you'll get the whole cereal vibe, but after one sip the flavor is all, "HA, you thought you wouldn't be able to taste me, but here I am." (Cereal world domination, I'm telling you guys).

Yes, It Really Tastes Good

Knowing I couldn't possibly be alone in this, I did what every Gen Z/Millennial human does when they need validation: I turned back to the Internet. Upon my return, I found that actually, what seemed to upset most of Twitter wasn't the taste of the slurpee itself, but the concept of it. After mining the Twitterverse, I found more people who were siding with me on this one.

But, like I said, you really need to try it for yourself. If you're curious as to how the actual taste of cereal could insert itself into a slurpee, you can try the flavor at most 7-Eleven locations throughout the US, but only for a limited time. If/when you do, please get back to me, so we can continue the discussion of cereal's inevitable world domination.