My friends and I usually play beer pong at our parties, but it's gotten really old lately. In an effort to switch up our sometimes less than exciting get togethers, I wanted to find a new, fun way to drink while socializing with my friends. I've seen drinking board games in stores, but it wasn't until I actually played the Mad Wish truth or dare game that I became somewhat obsessed with them. And since I've been dubbed the "drinking guru" among my friends, I decided to put together a list of all childish games I enjoy playing while sipping on not-so-childish drinks.  

1. Drunk Jenga

A drunk party classic played in bars and college dorm rooms is the one and only, Drunk Jenga. There are many different pre-made tower games with suggestions like "take two shots," "make your friends drink," or "take a shot for every player in the room" written on the pieces. There are no limits to this drinking board game; it can be as crazy or as tame as you want it to be. Rules to Drunk Jenga are the same as for regular Jenga—each player takes turns in removing one of the block from the tower. The twist is, the player has to do whatever the Jenga piece tells them to do. 

#SpoonTip: If you don't own Drunk Jenga set, grab a pen and write different rules on the pieces yourself.

Ideal booze: Vodka or Tequila (or whatever you can take a shot of).

Best played with: People who don't know each other well. 

2. Cards Against Humanity

My personal favorite, Cards Against Humanity was made for my love of good, dark humor. But after a while, getting a black card as a reward just isn't enough. One day my friends and I thought about what we can do to bring the life back to this game and the answer was simple: bring alcohol into the picture! Each time a player has a bad round (i.e. their card didn't make anyone laugh), he/she takes a shot. 

Ideal booze: Whatever you can drink a lot of. I would suggest beer or flavored drinks (i.e. Smirnoff Ice)

Best played with: People with a very dark sense of humor

3. Drink-A-Palooza

I've actually never played this drinking board game, but after reading about it I definitely want to try it out! Drink-A-Palooza is a combination of beer pong, king's cup, flip cup, steal a bottle, and drunk tank, so each player can luck out on at least one go. The rules are simple: a player rolls the dice and has to play the mini-game he landed on. If a player refuses to do it, he has to take a double shot. 

Ideal booze: Everything! You will need variety of drinks for different mini-games. Just be careful when mixing alcohol.

Best played with: Friends who can handle their liquor. 

4. Mad Wish Drinking Game

Milana Yemelyanova

Mad Wish was one of the first games I purchased to spice up our dorm parties (mainly because my friends and I always played truth or dare and I was never able to come up with funny dares to do). The rules to this game are pretty straightforward: one of the players spins the wheel and depending on the sector the arrow points to, the player has to either answer the truth, do the dare, make another person do the dare, or take a shot. 

Ideal booze: Vodka shots

Best played with: Very close friends who don't mind getting a little freaky after few shots

5. What the F*ck? I Never Have

Milana Yemelyanova

How many of you have played Never Have I Ever while drunk? Those who have know that this is the funniest game to get drunk with. Technically, What the F*ck? is not a drinking board game, but it suits the topic. Each card contains eight "I have never..." statements, and a player chooses one of them and every player who's done what's said on the card drinks. 

Ideal booze: Whiskey shots, just to spice it up and loosen people's tongues

Best played with: People you want to find out secrets from

6. Monopoly

One of the most iconic board games just got an upgrade. Instead of simply counting money, this drunk version of Monopoly will get the party going. The rules to the game are endless, and each friend group can come up with their own. Some rules my friends and I follow are to drink every time: 1) you land on Free Parking, 2) you have to go to jail, 3) you refuse to purchase a property. There are really no limits to your imagination.

Ideal booze: Whatever you can drink for hours

Best played with: People who are always your DDs  

7. The Game of Life

I was introduced to this game my junior year of college, and I felt like my childhood was taken away from me. Sine it's the Game of Life, players should drink every time they land on a space that describes something they've never done. For example, I landed on a space that said "had twins" and as far as I know, I don't have twins or any kids for that matter, so I took a shot. 

Ideal booze: Anything you can take a shot of

Best played with: People who haven't really accomplished anything yet

There are many board games that aren't considered drinking games, but you can easily create rules to spice things up. No matter what game you choose to play during your next dorm party, be cautious of your alcohol consumption. It's always nice to feel like a kid again, so you don't want to forget that memorable night.