We’ve all been there. It’s Saturday night, and you’re feeling like #adulting. You’re not in the mood for another lame cup of Sprite and vodka, you don’t feel like going out for a decent marg, and you’re pretty sure you have minimal bartending skills. Don’t fear. Here are all the dorm room drink essentials you need on hand in your dorm room to always have ingredients for a decent cocktail, no matter what you’re in the mood for.

1. Seltzer Water

Justin Haber

Simple, versatile, and mixes with anything. Any brand works too. Seagram's is my go-to since the bottles are small enough to fit in those tiny dorm room fridges. A no-brainer.

2. Cranberry Juice

Justin Haber

Can anyone say vodka cran? Those basic girls (myself included) ordering at the bar certainly can. Save some cash and buy a bottle of cranberry juice for your room. Your bank account will thank you later.

3. ICEE or Frozen Slushie

Your dining hall is sure to have some sort of slushie machine. Fill a water bottle or two and keep them in your freezer. Add some alc of your choice for darty-ing or tailgating, and you’re set.

4. Coca Cola

Justin Haber

Rum and Coke, Whiskey and Coke, the options are endless. Diet, regular, or zero all work. And who doesn't like Coca-Cola? Need I say more?

5. Pineapple Juice

Justin Haber

You can usually find this in the aisles of any convenience store, and it will step up your cocktail game for sure. Mix with rum, seltzer, and lime, and you’re basically a bartender.

6. Limes

Justin Haber

Always keep around some spare limes– they’re very versatile and can make any drink taste better. Whether it’s to garnish drinks, squeeze into your vodka cran, or to help you with your tequila shots, they’re a great thing to have in your room.

7. Cocktail Shaker

Justin Haber

You can find these on Amazon for cheap, and they will completely change the flavor of your drinks. By using the shaker, you can completely integrate all the flavors of the drink and make sure they blend smoothly. Complete game changer.

With these essentials, your next pregame is sure to be lit. By keeping around the essentials, everyone should definitely be able to make a drink they like, and you’ll be deemed the bartender of your friend group for sure. Just remember, don’t overdo it. Cheers!