Even though you slave over every detail of your wedding, there is one aspect that is sure to leave a bigger impact in the guests' minds more than anything else: the food. I looked through Instagram tags, the most popular Pins, and several bridal websites to compile a list of the current popular trends in wedding food. Whether you're engaged or only fantasizing about your fairytale wedding, these trends will inspire you to get creative with your cuisine. 

1. Color

You color coordinate bridesmaids' dresses, floral arrangements, and decorations, so why not extend it to your food? This is exactly what a lot of couples are doing. I'm not talking about a full-blown green eggs and ham feast, but incorporating details in your menu can create striking and memorable dishes. Plus, this is a great way to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, as farm-to-table ingredients are practically expected at weddings these days. 

2. Self-serve bars

The self-serves are ubiquitous for two reasons: they're a fun, delicious activity that helps your guests express their individual interests and flex their creativity, and there are SO many different options! I've seen donut bars, s'mores bars, fondue bars, hot chocolate bars, Mimosa bars, bubbly bars, some couples even ditch the bartender and have make-your-own-cocktail bars! Incorporating your favorite foods into an interactive experience will be memorable no matter how you do it. 

3. Personalized Menus

Couples are starting to stray away from the classics, which in some cases means ditching fancy food altogether! While foie gras, toasts, and Sauternes jelly might appeal to some, many more menus are incorporating, even combining, the backgrounds and ethnicities of the couple. Traditional foods they grew up with, their favorite comfort foods, or meals that have sentimental value to the couple are also popular. If you don't want to stray from the classics, though, you can have a traditional protein prepared really well, then get creative with your sides. 

4. Florals

The naked cake trend of 2016 is over, and this year it's all about extravagant florals. From edible flowers in your dinner to gorgeous and intricate designs on the cake, florals are a great way to add a pop of color to your wedding food. 

5. Tiny Things 

Why is it that miniature foods are so much yummier? Hors d'oeuvre sized treats are popular at every point in the wedding, from the cocktail hour to the self-serve stations, to the desert, even the late night snack! Small food bites are clean and can still pack a memorable punch of flavor. Shooters are a popular way to serve your tiny treats. Try Caprese, tomato soup with a miniature grilled cheese, or some of these ideas

6. Larger Dessert Selections

This has got to be my favorite trend since I was never a fan of wedding cake. Dessert bars are a great way to celebrate the best meal and can include anything from donuts to cupcakes to croquembouche. A groom's cake, a cake to reflect the groom's tastes and interests, is also a popular addition. 

7. Late Night Snacks

It's becoming popular to serve snacks late at night if your reception is running long! To refuel your guests after dancing all night, and giving them the energy to stay up even later, incorporate some late night snacks. Since you've already shown off your excellent taste in fine cuisine at your dinner, this meal can be as unpretentious as you want. Pizza, sliders, wings, tacos - basically all of your favorite drunk foods can make an appearance. Food trucks are also pretty popular. 

One thing in common between all of these trends in wedding food is that a lot of people are adding more personal touches in every part of their celebration. You can opt for a completely modern reception, totally traditional, or any area in-between. Don't be afraid to get creative with your wedding food!