Whether you're a longtime Cubs fan or you're just excited to pregame the victory parade, you've been waiting 108 years for some sweet victory. Run home, grab your Cubs hat, and head downtown for an awesome lineup of desserts. Given enough sugar, your friends will pretend that you didn't Google "What is Flying The W?" yesterday.

1. Cubs Cake Shake from Public House

Save the Earth and ask for just one straw - you're not going to want to share this Cubs cake shake. I see ice cream, mini marshmallows, funfetti cake, icing, sprinkles, gummy bears, and chocolate - and that's just from behind my phone screen. 

2. Cubs everything from Sweet Mandy B’s

Chicago's favorite bakery will be repping Chicago's favorite team all weekend long. Scurry on over to Lincoln Park to get a taste of what it feels like to be a champion.

3. Cubs Donut from Firecakes

It might be... It could be... IT IS! A Cubs glazed long john donut from Firecakes!

4. Cubs Cupcakes from More

Classy Cubs cupcakes for your championship celebration. C what I'm trying to do here?

5. Cubs Layer Cake from Goddess and Grocer

Holy cow! It's a Cubs-colored take on Goddess and Grocer's signature rainbow layer cake!

6. Cubs M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies from Big Fat Cookie

Someone was clearly thinking, "Full Hearts. Full mouths. Can't Lose." when they were baking these grizzly-sized cookies. Get your fill of Big Fat Cookies at Lakeview Kitchen and Market.

7. Cubs Cupcakes and Cookies from Dinkel’s Bakery

One of Chicago's oldest bakeries, Dinkel's has long been a favorite of those who can remember the last time the Cubs won the World Series.