Everyone knows that feeling — the feeling called “I don’t know what to eat” when the fridge contains nothing remotely of interest. Luckily, there are plenty of websites available to help you online, right at your fingers tips. So don’t put it off, get inspired, and get cooking.

1. A Website for the Scientifically Curious: Serious Eats The Food Lab


Photo courtesy of seriouseats.com

Sure there’s lots of food science courses available in Guelph, but what about a website that shows scientifically proven cooking techniques? Enter Serious Eats’ The Food Lab, a page dedicated to testing all sorts of cooking techniques.

In my own humble opinion, their Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is mind blowing.

2. A Website for the Environmentally Conscious: University of Guelph Sustainability Office


Photo courtesy of sustainableuog.wordpress.com

Guelph’s Sustainability Office is all about making the campus a greener place. But did you know they also have a food blog showcasing tasty vegan recipes every week? Their Meatless Monday Vegetarian Pizza is an amazing spin on a classic dish.

Curious to learn more about veganism? Here’s a guide to get started.

3. A Website for the Financially Challenged: BrokeAss Gourmet


Photo courtesy of brokeassgourmet.com

It’s always a challenge for college students to find affordable foods. Enter BrokeAss Gourmet, a website that makes fine dining a reality by keeping it cheap. The site even offers a neat feature that shows an estimated cost of each recipe, making it easier to budget meals on the fly.

Start off with a homemade pumpkin spice latte to save hundreds of money over the course of a semester.

4. A Website for the Socially Minded: /r/EatCheapAndHealthy


Photo courtesy of eatcheapandhealthy on reddit.com

Another place that focuses on healthy budgeting is a subreddit called /r/EatCheapAndHealthy. It is a great resource for asking food-related questions, sharing recipes, and contributing ideas for any budget. This warm and inviting community is perfect for those new to budgeting or looking for healthier options.

5. A Website for the Analytically Focused: Cooking For Engineers


Photo courtesy of cookingforengineers.com

When you see the word “engineer,” you know it’s serious. Cooking for Engineers has detailed explanations for everything cooking-related, from kitchen equipment reviews to thorough cooking techniques. Or, try other food hacks to experiment with your cooking.

6. A Website for the Aesthetically Pleasing: The Butty


Photo courtesy of thebutty.co

There are PB&J sandwiches, and then there are these tricked out sandwiches. Welcome to thebutty.co, a website filled with so much sandwich porn that you’re probably one step away from salivating on your keyboard. Definitely wanna bookmark that.

7. A Website for the Culinary Fanatic: Spoon University


Photo courtesy of guelph.spoonuniversity.com

And finally for those food fans out there, here is Spoon University, featuring the Guelph Chapter in Ontario (which is filled with wacky, wonderful, and tasty food content unique only to Guelph). We’re pretty confident of what we have, but if you’re interested in our competitors, we wouldn’t mind you checking out Yummly.