When the news became public, the shattering hearts of Brangelina supporters could be heard worldwide. The prom king and queen of Hollywood have called it quits.

The two captured our affection in their debut movie together, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and ever since then us Brangelina lovers have felt as though we are a part of the Jolie-Pitt family. In the most non-creepy way, it almost began to seem like I was married to Brad and Angelina. So naturally, the devastating news sent me into a severe state of shock and disbelief.

With my emotions at an all time low, I found myself seeking the best type of therapy I know: food. Quickly, I resorted to my four C’s: chocolatey, cheesy, creamy, and comfort to revive my torn spirit.

1. Cheese Pizza

pizza, chicken, cheese, sauce
Walker Foehl

The first piece of food to reach for in hopes of restoring a broken heart most definitely needs to be cheesy, cheesy, cheesy. However, once you begin to chow down, beware. Your emotions might overcome you and what started out as “I’ll just have one slice” quickly turns into “Where did the whole pie go?” Nonetheless, pizza is the perfect cheesy substance to effectively jumpstart an emotional Brangelina comeback.

2. Mac and Cheese

macaroni, corn, cheese, vegetable
Kirby Barth

While sitting on my couch and watching ENews! break down the Brangelina tragedy, my most reliable companion was my bowl of mac and cheese. As the news anchors progressed through their report on the now-separated couple, my spoon delved deeper into the gooey cheesy bowl.

3. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 

doughnut, bread, sweet, pastry, dough, cake
Megan Prendergast

Convenient to hold and even better in taste, Krispy Kreme donuts obviously landed the number three spot on the list. Guilty of this action myself, I recommend taking the dozen box right into bed with you. Having trouble falling asleep because Brad and Ang are on your mind? Biting down on a piece of glazed deliciousness is all you need to ease you to rest.

4. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 

parsley, bread, meat, vegetable, sauce, tomato, chicken
Christal Acosido

We know this combo from when we're feeling under the weather, but grilled cheese and tomato soup is even better when consumed in sadness. Not only does the bowl of soup warm your damaged heart, but it provides a place to catch your tears. Allow the toasted bread to absorb the soup as you dip into the tomato abyss, bite down, and let the cheese and tomato flavors sync together in tasty happiness on your tongue.

5. Mashed Potatoes

milk, cream, dairy product, mashed potatoes, butter, dairy
Caitlin Shoemaker

Mashed potatoes fall directly under my C for creamy. The best way mashed potatoes are eaten is simply with a spoon and bowl. Don’t be afraid to kidnap the entire bowl of smooth, buttery, comfort and take it with you as you retreat into your safe place. Once you resurface, the bowl will surely be empty, but your soul will be slightly more complete.

6. Peanut Butter and Nutella 

chocolate, cake, peanut butter, sweet, candy, caramel, pastry, cream, peanut, bread
Hannah Skiest

If you are in search of an easy and rapid emotional boost, grab a jar of either peanut butter or Nutella. Or better yet, both. You might be tempted to take a container of one of these with you on the go, and I say do it. When you are feeling down in the office or in class, secretly scoop some PB or Nutella in your mouth to halt the tears.

7. Fudge Brownies 

chocolate, sweet, coffee, cream, cake, candy, brownie, milk, chocolate cake
Sydney Segal

What better way to end the emotional road to recovery than with a chocolatey treat? A fudgy, rich brownie is exactly what a Brangelina lover needs in these rough times. Go back for seconds or even thirds. It's ok, you're in a period of grieving and need support.

Although it may be the end for Brangelina and may seem like it is the end for us fans, these seven comfort foods remind us there are still reasons to carry on. I wish you the best of luck in your journey to recovery. All you have to do is remember the four C’s: chocolatey, cheesy, creamy, and comfort.