Seven seasons later, and it’s time to say goodbye to AMC’s Mad Men. The final season premieres on April 5, bringing the 1960’s era television show to a close.

While you’re wiping away tears (we know we will be), ring in the final season in a way that would make Don proud—with lots of booze.

In the spirit of all things Mad Men, watch this season with a 60’s era drink in hand. Here are seven cocktails to toast The End of an Era.

1. Classic Martini

Mad Men

Photo courtesy of Colby Stopa

While James Bond was ordering his shaken, Roger Sterling was sipping this classic cocktail way before it was 5 o’clock somewhere. Pretend you’re a partner of a major New York advertising firm and raise your glass to one of the classiest drinks out there.

2. Grasshopper

Mad Men

Photo courtesy of The Drink Blog

This creamy, minty cocktail was a favorite among housewives like Betty Draper. Sip on a grasshopper and kick it 60’s style.

3. Tom Collins

Mad Men

Photo courtesy of Barney Bishop

Back in season two, Don teaches a young Sally Draper how to mix a classic Tom Collins. Now it’s your chance to learn. Gin, lemon juice, sugar and a cherry on top will have you drinking like a mad man.

4. Gimlet

Mad Men

Photo courtesy of Marcos Ojeda

This straightforward, fruity cocktail is none other than gin and juice—lime juice, that is. Channel your inner Betty and throw back one of these classic gin gimlets.

5. Blue Hawaiian

Mad Men

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Crump

A blue Hawaiian will transport you back to the opening of season 6, when Megan was sipping one at the beach. This tropical drink is a dangerously sweet blend of rum, vodka and blue curacao.

6. Bloody Mary

Mad Men

Photo courtesy of Susan Lucas Hoffman

Drink this ultimate bloody Mary the morning after, preferably during a company meeting. Hangover- meet vodka and tomato juice. Add a celery stick and you get your daily dose of veggies too.

7. Old Fashioned

Mad Men

Photo courtesy of Sam Howitz

Of course, the most iconic 1960’s drink and Don’s all-time favorite is the old fashioned. Grab some bourbon and raise your glass to 7 seasons of Mad Men, and an immeasurable amount of cocktails.

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