No matter what time of day, month, or year it is, chocolate is still the key to most of our hearts. It comforts us, surprises us, and brings us closer together; it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular international food. However, did you ever think that your classic go-to chocolate recipe might be completely different from other chocolate go-to recipes around the world? Well now you don’t need to wonder, here are some popular chocolate treats from different countries.

Italy: Cioccolata Calda

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Photo by Parsa Lotfi

If you ever think your hot chocolate isn’t chocolaty enough, just ask for some help from an Italian. Cioccolata Calda, also known as Italian hot chocolate, is known for its rich, thick, and creamy texture. This texture is made by having the ratio of chocolate to milk in a beautifully unfair favor to the chocolate side.

Another way to add to the thick and creamy texture of your Cioccolata Calda is to add some Nutella to the mix. Nutella also originated in Italy and makes for a great burst of flavor in every cup. So grab your trusty Nutella jar and start easily recreating this dessert to warm up on a cold day.

Japan: Chocolate Ice Cream Mochi

chocolate treats

Photo by Gabby Phi

The only bad thing about ice cream is how fast it melts. This doesn’t help when you want to enjoy some on the go. However, Japan has the perfect solution. They wrap their chocolate ice cream in a sticky rice dough, called mochi (which is super easy to make with just a few simple steps). The rice dough is then powdered with some corn starch to keep the dough from sticking to your fingers. This combination of ingredients makes for a diverse grouping of textures and flavors that complement each other well and prevent any mess.

Spain: Churros con Chocolate

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To satisfy the ultimate sweet tooth, head to Spain and grab some churros con chocolate. Not only are these fried dough pastries covered in a layer of sugar and cinnamon, but they are also dipped in or drizzled with a sweet chocolate sauce. These pastries are like the fries of the dessert world – they are convenient, addictive, and shareable. Don’t worry, there are many chocolaterias that would love to share some churros con chocolate with you.

Mexico: Spicy Hot Chocolate

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Photo by Christine Chang

When you can’t decide between sweet or spicy, make some Mexican spicy hot chocolate. With ingredients like star anise, cinnamon, piloncillo, and Mexican chocolate, it has the comforting sweet taste of plain hot chocolate with a surprisingly bold kick that will wake your taste buds up. Learn how to spice up your cold winter afternoons, with a cup of Mexican spicy hot chocolate, in just a few simple steps.

France: Pan Au Chocolat

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Photo by Samantha Hickman

For all those times you are craving some chocolate, but you aren’t really that hungry, give the French pastry Pan Au Chocolat a try. Also known as the chocolate croissant, pan au chocolat is a piece of light, fluffy dough filled with chocolate pieces. A lot of people pair this pastry with a coffee in the morning for a light breakfast.

One of the best things about pan au chocolat is that it’s super easy to personalize. In a couple quick easy steps, you can make a croissant that is filled with your favorite chocolate whether it be dark, milk, white, or even you favorite leftover holiday candies, like Reese’s, Rolos, or Hershey kisses.

Germany: German Chocolate Cake

chocolate treats

Photo by Samantha Hickman

Germany has made a dessert that both coconut lovers and chocolate lovers can agree on. German chocolate cake is a rich, dense chocolate cake with a chocolate, pecan, and coconut frosting. The pecans and coconut in the frosting add an intriguing texture and the sweet decadent taste makes it very filling.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to share a memorable bonding moment with a friend while enjoying a slice of this German chocolate cake. Germans love these bonding moments, that’s why socially eating cake on Sunday afternoons is one of the country’s many sweet traditions.

United States of America: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Photo by Kelda Baljon

Forget breakfast for dinner, try some breakfast for dessert with some bacon chocolate chip cookies. This odd pairing of two American favorites makes for a combination of sweet and salty that once you’ve had one, you are hooked. All you have to do is follow a few easy steps and soon enough you will be sharing this American treat with everyone you know.