College may have brought you to the state of Ohio, but you will find yourself at some of the greatest chain restaurants in the country, whether you intended to or not.

It might be for a quick bite, the drive-thru, or a sit down dinner, but here are the 7 places you’re guaranteed to visit.

Jimmy John’s

Chain restaurants to go to in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Jimmy John’s

Famous sub sandwiches, known for being ‘freaky fast’, is great when you’re in a rush. By the time you are done paying, you will be in shock because your sandwich will already be made and wrapped up.

If you’re looking for a healthier option, leave out the famous french bread, and try the “Unwich”. Basically it’s everything you want in your sandwich, but wrapped in lettuce. Or maybe you’re feeling the 9-grain wheat bread and some “Thinny Jimmy Chips”.

Lastly, Jimmy Johns keeps it simple. They don’t have soup or salad, and they can’t toast your sub. All they have are sandwiches, chips, drinks, cookies and pickles. You tell them what you want and all the fixins to go along, and pay for it first. That is why they get your sub to you in 15-30 seconds.


Chain restaurants to go to in Ohio

Photo courtesy of PIADA Italian Street Food

What even is a ‘piada’? A warm, Italian flatbread from organic flour and extra virgin olive oil. It is a must to try when you visit here. This chain features food prepared an assembly line, and can be called an Italian copy-cat of Chipotle Mexican Grille.

If you’re a regular or if there isn’t something you find satisfying from the main menu, you can choose from custom-rolled wraps, chopped salads or bowls.

Bob Evans

Chain restaurants to go to in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Bob Evans Farms

Serving breakfast all-day and everyday, Bob Evans is guaranteed to give you the warm, country living feel.

Nothing says “down on the farms” like trying The Slow-Roasted Turkey, or the famous Biscuits and Gravy. But since breakfast is served no matter if it’s morning, noon, or night, try some fried eggs, sausage, or delicious Hotcakes.

Bob Evans originated in New Albany, Ohio, so you have to experience this restaurant at least once!

White Castle

Chain restaurants to go to in Ohio

Photo courtesy of White Castle

White Castle, a fast-food hamburger chain, is credited as the first fast-food chain in America. Being the first in America, they must know what they’re doing.

Known for it’s small, square hamburgers, called “sliders”, and their addicting french fries, the White Castle slider was labeled the most influential burger of all time. If you’re feeling daring, you should spice it up with the “Breakfast Waffle Slider” or “Chicken Waffle Slider”.


Chain restaurants to go to in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Wendy’s

46 years ago, this wonderful restaurant started in Columbus, Ohio. Stopping at Wendy’s is a must if you find yourself in Ohio.

Known for their “old fashioned” hamburger and sea salt fries, pairs amazingly with the famous “Frosty”. It is impossible to eat at Wendy’s without trying this cool, creamy, and refreshing treat. It may be a weird combination, but customers recommend dipping their fries in their “Frosty” (most popular with a Classic Chocolate Frosty).

Donatos Pizza

Chain restaurants to go to in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Donatos Pizza

This popular delivery pizza chain promises “To serve the best pizza and make your day a little better.”  If you are feeling a fast late night bite, served to you fresh and hot, try the thin crust pizza that loaded “edge to edge” with your choice in toppings. It is highly recommended to order the large pepperoni pizza, that has over a hundred slices of pepperoni.

If you’re not a pizza lover, try some boneless wings, an oven baked sub, stromboli, or even a salad for a healthier option.

There is no doubt that Donatos will leave you satisfied with their commitment to serve quality and fresh pizza!

Steak ‘n Shake

Chain restaurants to go to in Ohio

Photo courtesy of Steak ‘n Shake

Are someone who is feeling a milkshake at 3 a.m. or a “Steakburger” first thing in the morning? Then Steak n’ Shake is definitely your go-to restaurant. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there should be no complaining that Ohio doesn’t have amazing late night food.

This old-fashioned diner atmosphere serves all the classic food. In the morning try the “All You Can Eat Pancakes” or a hot skillet. In the afternoon order off the $4 menu and have a classic milkshake made with real milk, and whipped cream and a cherry to top it off!

If you are feeling extra hungry late at night, order off the “Up All Night Menu” and get the “7X7 Steakburger with fries”. This ginormous meal is 7 steakburgers and 7 slices of american cheese, so you may want to bring some friends along to share.