It seems like everywhere you turn these days you’re faced with a food-related trend; from Blendtec and Vitamix (and all of the glorious juicing that comes with it) to the latest fad in dieting, you can’t ever escape the presence of food. But with this prevalence comes pressure for many young people who struggle to find a place in a society so focused on appearance and how to obtain the “ideal” body.

From the Hollywood to the Paleo Diet, for years celebrities have been endorsing the very restricted eating schedules that have been feeding our nation’s obsession with food and what not to eat. What many times goes unnoticed among fans is that the stars themselves are breaking their diets, embracing the fact that it’s actually healthier to have a “cheat day.” In fact, cheating once in a while will make you less likely to splurge or stress-eat uncontrollably.

Yes, I know that it’s hard to believe that breaking your diet is not the end of the world. But with the help of some of your most-beloved celebs so near and dear to your heart, you will soon come to realize that even the most perfect of human beings are just that – people who like to eat good food. So without further ado, here are 7 stars that will make you want to treat yo self.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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When you constantly restrict what you eat, your leptin levels – a satiety hormone that increases your metabolism and makes you feel full – begin to decrease, making you burn less calories during the day.

Joseph Gordon Levitt has clearly heard about this scientific fact, and is licking his fingers as he munches on his nachos, just savoring every bite as his level of leptin soars.

Barack Obama

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Experts say that you can have your weight loss and eat your cake too with dieting, or what we should really call “restricted eating.” The best way to do this is through splurging in a conscious way.

As the ambassador of all things food, even Michele would be okay with Barack’s sweet snack. But we all know that sooner or later, she’ll make him eat some barackoli (get it…).

Beyoncé and Jay Z

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According to Psychology Today, weight loss is 90% attitude. So by restricting your calorie intake so drastically that you feel deprived, hopeless, or even guilty, your desired weight loss won’t be healthy nor will it be successful.

Nobody has more attitude than Queen B and Jay Z, who both like to stay as beautiful as ever but also know that they can eat pizza and continue to be sasha fierce.

Kanye West

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Following a restricted diet can lead to a lack of the nutrients that your body needs to function healthfully. And for Kanye to love himself, he needs to eat some ice cream.

Heidi Klum

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Allowing yourself to eat the foods you normally stay clear of will make you happier and healthier. But it’s important to remember that cheating doesn’t mean a whole day of splurging but rather a cheat meal. This will ensure a happy outlook on life and a healthy relationship with food.

How does Heidi do it? She strikes a balance. Yeah, she’s super fit even as a mother of four, but she also eats french fries whenever she wants (#goals).

Sofia Vergara

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The legendary personal trainer Jillian Michaels encourages her clients to add one “cheat food” to their day because an entire day of unhealthy eating can really throw off a diet.

As one of the funniest and most inspiring women on TV, Sofia Vergara knows how to keep it real. She also knows what’s up by taking her cheat food on the go.

Ellen DeGeneres

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To maximize your weight loss by cheating on your diet, it’s crucial to plan a cheating strategy. Whether this means eating from the tub of ice cream, diving into the bread basket, or just having some friends around you to keep you in check, a strategy will make sure you eat an indulging food that you actually enjoy.

Ellen knows how to create a strategy because pizza is always the answer. With an a-list group of friends like Channing, Meryl, and Jennifer, Ellen easily spread happiness at The Oscars, reminding us that if at first you don’t succeed, order pizza.