With the return of spring (or as we Canucks call it, the Winter Hangover) comes one of the most unique holidays of all – 4/20. Parliament Hill gets shrouded in a smoky haze, Taco Bell sales skyrocket, and 90’s cartoons double in popularity.

Now, thanks to Trudeau Jr. and his luscious locks, legalization is on the horizon. In anticipation, we’ve suggested a few Northern dishes that would taste just as good green as they do red and white.



Photo courtesy of @lapoutineweek on Instagram

The Great Canadian Classic. It’s called Smoke’s for a reason, and it isn’t open until 3 am just for studious academics. Sprinkle a little something on crispy fries, melted cheese curds, and thick gravy, and you’ve got a masterpiece on your hands.

Maple Syrup


Photo courtesy of simplyscratch.com

Cannabutter is already a thing, so why not host the ultimate wake ‘n bake?

Nanaimo Bars


Photo courtesy of theinspiredhome.org

These West Coast goodies are essentially the Canada of brownies – diverse, layered, and ten times better.

Specialty Lay’s Flavours


Photo courtesy of @lays on Instagram

Every year, Lay’s lets fans suggest chip flavours and then releases limited editions for the general public to taste test. We’ve already claimed ketchup, so this year, I’m voting for Chill Pickle.



Photo courtesy of @gongchan0121rea on Instagram.

These flaky pastries got their roots in Ottawa, so once the bill gets passed, it only makes sense for Beavertails to be our first THC-friendly franchise.

(FYI, the PouTail exists, and it may be the most Canadian thing that’s ever happened.)

Kraft Dinner


Photo courtesy of @themindfulaviator on Instagram

As the old saying goes: munchies beget munchies.



Photo courtesy of @viviannhearts on Instagram

Tim’s has already introduced Nutella pastries to their menu, so why not mix it up and throw in some Chrontella?

While pot is technically not legal (yet) in the Great White North, for now we’ll envy Colorado and patiently await the day when we are blessed with the same fate. Maybe someday, we’ll even catch a certain blue-eyed politician out there on the Hill with us.