In Texas, it's no secret that tacos are similar to Star Wars—they've been on this planet longer than you've been alive, they are constantly replicated, and they have an extremely dedicated cult following. Torchy's Tacos, a beloved Texas taco joint, is famous for its creative tacos and mouthwatering green chile queso. 

As a Dallas native, when Torchy's came to town it quickly became my go-to taco shop. It wasn't difficult to find breakfast, lunch, and dinner faves. Still, even Torchy's most dedicated fans aren't aware of the true holy grail of this taco joint: the Torchy's secret menu. Lovers of Torchy's, I've listed the best of its secret menu for all your spicy, sweet, and crunchy cravings. Go crazy.

#SpoonTip: Torchy's has a print-out of their secret menu in their stores (not so secret, I know). Just ask to see the secret menu and order straight from it! 

1. The Matador

Feeling spicy? Ask for this grilled jalapeño and chopped brisket taco the next time you're feeling a little devilish, like Torchy's famous logo. Garnished with pickled onions, avocado, sour cream, and cilantro, you really can't go wrong with this fiery taco. 

2. Green Chile Pork Missionary Style

Can't get enough of the green chile in your bowl of queso? Try this Torchy's secret menu favorite with green chile pork, pickled onion, guacamole, jack cheese, and creamy chipotle sauce.

#SpoonTip: Ask for crisp corn tortilla strips to add a little crunch.

3. The Hipster

Panko. Fried. Tuna. Not Texas enough for you? This miracle taco also has chopped bacon, black bean relish, cotija cheese, avocado sauce, and a lime wedge. Done and done. 

4. Ace of Spades

This juicy, spicy taco (featured on the bottom right) is sure to win your hand (and hunger) with a jalapeño sausage link, grilled brisket, a fried egg, green chile queso, sour cream, cotija cheese, cilantro, and Diablo sauce. It's heavenly.

5. Jack of Clubs

Ace of Spade's chill best friend is the perfect secret menu breakfast option for all you early risers and hungover zombies craving your taco fix. Fried egg, potatoes, black beans, crisp corn tortilla strips, shredded cheese, cilantro, and Diablo sauce wrapped together in a flour tortilla like a good morning hug. 

6. Trailer Park Hillbilly-Style

If you thought the famous Trailer Park Taco couldn't get any better, the Torchy's secret menu is here to prove you wrong. Get a little trashy with Hillbilly-Style (pictured on the right) and add bacon, chorizo, and green chile queso to the beloved fried chicken and pico de gallo combo. The added meat and queso are so good, you may never go back to the regular menu again. 

7. Mad Cow

It may seem like the most low-key option on the Torchy's secret menu, but don't be fooled. The ingredients in this taco are a match made in Texan heaven. Fajita beef, black beans, grilled corn, jack cheese, creamy chipotle, and cilantro blend together to remind you why everything is better in the Lone Star State. 

The next time you find yourself at Torchy's, make sure to ask your server to see the secret menu. There are some hidden gems on that guy. Your server will probably smile—two taco lovers bonding over being in the know.