For those of us not fortunate enough to be on meal plan, lunch time on campus can seem like a mundane, mindless ritual.

Once you’ve tackled what kind of turkey sandwich to bring today (should I be adventurous and put Chipotle mayo on it?) the next big step is picking your lunch spot, because even when the food isn’t five stars, the atmosphere should be a 10.

South Campus

South Campus is home to three amazingly green and spacious spots to eat at or study.

The Turtle Pond 


Photo by Zoe Schneider

The turtle pond is by the forestry building and caters to those of us who love animals because the closer you step to the edge of the pond, more and more turtles come to the surface.

Just remember, it’s your lunch time, not theirs, so feed your face, not the wildlife.

Plant Sciences Building 


Photo by Zoe Schneider

Near the plant sciences building sits an amphitheater-type area similar to the one behind the MLC. When the sun hits it just right, it can warm you up on a cool, fall day.

UGA Creamery 


Photo by Zoe Schneider

The UGA Creamery has seating underneath beautiful, full trees to cool you on those 80°F fall days that only Georgia offers.

When you get ready for dessert, step inside and grab an ice cream.

North Campus

North Campus is known more for its beauty and its many, many fountains. Grab some lunch from downtown and head to one of these aqueous locations.

Sanford Hall 


Photo by Zoe Schneider

One magical location I recently stumbled upon lies beside Sanford Hall. There is a small, but beautiful fountain as well as enough benches to bring some friends for an outdoor picnic in the shade.

Bonus points if your next class is in Sanford Hall.

Old College 


Photo by Zoe Schneider

Everyone knows about the huge fountain at Herty Field, but have you seen the mini fountain on the opposite side of Old College?

Another secret spot to spend your lunch hour full of studying and serene scenery.

Since this area is near the Administration building, you might catch a glimpse of the University’s President walking through the grounds.

Founders Memorial Garden 

A photo posted by @reemagarabadu on Aug 31, 2015 at 2:46pm PDT

In the Founders Memorial Garden, you’ll find a bench underneath an arch surrounded by green wonders. #scenic

I came across this area my junior year and instead of walking to the MLC and sitting at a computer to enjoy my lunch, I was able to restock on fresh oxygen while being enveloped by beauty.



Photo by Zoe Schneider

But of course if you are in a hurry and still want to eat outside, find a comfy spot on the granite blocks in the Memorial Garden between the journalism building and the MLC.

Wherever you find yourself on your lunch hour, be sure to enjoy the beauty of a fresh, fall day on the most gorgeous campus on EARTH.