The kitchen is a place of creativity, and what comes with creativity is, well, often a mess. So here is a comprehensive list of items that help keep your kitchen organized and sparkling clean to make your life a lot easier.  

1. Sponges  

Price: $8.80 on Amazon 

This is one of the most versatile and necessary items you will need within the kitchen. From washing dishes, to cleaning the sink, to wiping down the stove, sponges are your kitchen's best friends (plus, these ones come in a cat shape). Remember though, sponges aren't immortal though and should be replaced frequently.

2. Dish Soap 

Price: $3.99 on Meyers Soap

Dirty dishes are my living nightmare. In order to help tackle that, dish soap is a must. It helps clean the bacteria off your porcelain and keeps the dishes smelling just sooo nice. You can buy it in bulk or in different scents, and a little bit of soap and water goes a long way. 

3. Kitchen Towels

Price: $12.95 from Etsy

That's right friends. Your hands will get wet in the kitchen. Shocker. The problem with that is that water can drip all over the floor and create water stains. Your hands also just stay that moist, damp, and uncomfortable feeling. So with that knowledge in mind, it's important to keep a kitchen towel around. Not only does it help clean the dining table, but it also can be a cute kitchen accessory. Double the power y'all. 

4. Pot Scrubbers

Price: $8.99, set of 3 on Amazon 

Sometimes we cook our food until it sticks to our pots. When these situations arise, it can be a pain in the a** to scrub off with just a sponge. Well, look no further, pot scrubbers do what our squishy sponge friends can't do, and take out all that nasty grime. All the while you scrub you can start building up those ~gains~ in the kitchen. 

5. Dish Drying Rack 

Price: $24.99 on Amazon

Well you have to have a place to put all your wet dishes to dry after washing them, thus the one and only dish rack. Not only can it help your dishes get perfectly dry, but also can double as a storage space in your kitchen. Get one that hangs over your sink to maximize your counter space. 

6. Utensil Organizer 

Price: $22.99 on Amazon

Oh, you thought the organizing was over? Not only should you be putting your dishes together, but your utensils and kitchen tools need a place too. Getting an organizer will declutter the mess that is your drawer where you throw your random objects into. Plus, it's just so much easier on the eyes. 

7. Willpower

The thing with keeping your space clean is that we need to take the initiative to actually do it, and sometimes it's hard to pull into the depths of ourselves to find that willpower. Cleaning is menial and organizing can initially take up a lot of time. Not to mention that the procrastinator in all of us wants to just put it off until tomorrow. But taking that first step will completely revolutionize your kitchen, and once you do it, start building the habit, you'll be your own hero.

Now that you have some tools in your arsenal, it's time to go clean that kitchen. It'll soon look completely transformed into the place you've always wanted it to be. These are just some items that help clean your kitchen, and as you go forward, you can learn tips for re-organizing as well.