Snacking is an essential part of any college student's diet.  Late night munchies, midday slumps and stress eating binges are all reasons to keep a snack drawer handy.  Although stashing a mound of snacks in our rooms isn't a hard feat, it's easy to get tired of the same-old same-old (nothing against easy-mac).  Being a foodie, I am always on the look-out for new, fun and delicious snacks that will satisfy any of my strange college life cravings.  That's how I discovered Try The World, a subscription box that sends you foods from around the world every month.  

1.  Snacks!

Dorm life severely limits any sort of cooking, so getting the traditional Try The World box, filled with cooking material and delicacies, isn't ideal.  But... the Snack Box is perfect!  The monthly box is filled with 6 different snacks (but more like 9 or 10, because they often come with two of a kind) and costs as little as $15 a month (which is fairly decent if you're trying to balance a bougie international foodie lifestyle with a college life and budget).  

2. I Want Candy!

One snack per box is usually some kind of fancy foreign candy.  Who can say no to that?  Why munch on a bag of M&Ms, when you can act all classy with some rosé flavored gummies or gourmet Belgium chocolate.  The boxes will also have a desert snack or two, such as cookies or caramels.  Being fancy makes the sugar all that more worth it!

3. Unusual Foods

Not only are the snacks international, but they are often uncommon, especially for Americans.  With my boxes,  I've tried multiple Asian seaweed snacks, popped lotus beads and even a cricket-flour protein bar!  Everything has been great, even though some of the ingredients can be a little unusual.  How else would you be able to try crickets without travelling across the world in college?

4. Not Just Food, Drinks Too!

Occasionally, Try the World will also send you drinks to try, and they do not disappoint!  Look at this beautiful sparkling elderflower pressé imported from the UK.  It's great to drink alone or mixed, and is oh so delicious!  I have also gotten coffee and tea which is perfect for that #dormlyfe.  

Addie Christianson

5. Breakfast Anyone?

The snacks are often perfect for breakfast, coming in handy for all those hard early mornings.  Their unique bars have always been great, and they'll sometimes send fun additions like Swiss granola or berries (yes, berries- preserved ones from Sweden actually).  So yes, snacking is great, but making a meal out of snacking is even better.  

6. All Natural and Suitable for Diet Restrictions

Probably the best part about the Snack Box is the fact that everything is natural, and often organic.  They strive to find the highest qualities snacks that everyone can eat too!  Most snacks are gluten-free and vegetarian, and there are often some vegan snacks in the mix.  While they might not all be super healthy, you can feel good about what you are putting into your body with Try The World.