It’s the weekend and it is time for us to get out of the dining halls and finally get our Mirakuya fix. Sushi may seem like a low-cal alternative, but if you aren’t careful, your order could contain more calories than a Big Mac. The key to nutritious sushi is maximizing on the health benefits of the fish and minimizing the carbs and fats.

There are many alternatives to your normal California Roll, you just need to know what to ask for. Don’t be afraid to order half the amount of rice in your sushi roll, ask for extra veggies, and keep it simple. In order to keep that meal light and healthy, follow these six easy switches that make your sushi tasty and nutritious.

1. Brown Rice


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For starters, opt for the brown rice. It is tastier than white rice and it also has a lot of good nutrients – most importantly fiber, and you can never get enough fiber.

2. Tuna or Salmon


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Sushi is typically a low-calorie dining out option… but which fish pack the most nutrients into each bite? When ordering, go for salmon or tuna, both have a ton of Omega-3s, which are healthy unsaturated fats. Not to mention they have protein, which keeps you full and satisfied.

3. Low-Sodium Soy Sauce


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Remember to use low-sodium soy sauce. Did you know that even just a small tablespoon of the low-sodium stuff still has 25% of your daily sodium intake? Be careful before drowning that sushi into a pool of soy sauce.

4. Simplicity


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I’m the first to admit that the fun part of the menu is the special rolls, but if you are trying to stay as low-cal as possible, I would avoid the Dinosaur Roll or the Volcano Roll. Special rolls usually are delicious, but they also have those high-calorie ingredients like crunchy fried tempura, cream cheese, and usually a mayo sauce.

5. Ginger and Wasabi


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You know the pink and green sides that always just seem to appear on your sushi plate? Turns out they have a ton of health benefits like antioxidants that have anti-cancer benefits. Also ginger helps boost your immune system – so eat up those garnishes.

6. Veggies


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Add more veggies to your roll to up the health benefits. Cucumbers, avocado, carrots. The more veggies, the more vitamins, and the less space in the roll for fattening alternatives like cream cheese or fried tempura.

Those are the six easy steps to stray away from the unhealthy side of sushi and make your next sushi experience as healthy as possible.