I like to consider myself a guru YouTube watcher since I literally spend more hours of a day watching YouTube videos than doing school work or talking to my friends. It's a little embarrassing to admit but a few years ago I even tried creating my own channel.

It's harder than it looks! YouTube is an art and I've noticed that those who can master this art, are very good at connecting to their audience and persuading viewers to buy specific products or act in a certain way.

Once I considered becoming vegan, YouTube was the main component that kept me committed. Watching vegan YouTubers turn carnivorous dishes into plant-based meals was truly inspiring. The following YouTubers reminded me that being a vegan is very possible and almost easy.

Lauren Toyota

Lauren is the cool kid on the block. Her unique personality keeps you guessing what she is going to say next. She talks about aliens to spirits and more.

On this channel she regularly posts "What I Ate Today" videos, which are truly my favorite. There's something weird about watching what people eat but I find it extremely entertaining.

Hot for Food

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If you want to watch cooking videos, check out her other channel Hot for Food. Every Wednesday she posts recipe videos that primarily start off as left overs in her fridge. Throughout the video, watch her work her cooking magic, and see how she can create a delicious vegan dishes.

Some of my favorites are her vegan cinnamon rolls, vegan carrot cake, and vegan cauliflower wings.


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Bonny's Australian accent and quirky personality makes her the cutest YouTuber out there. She has the opportunity to travel constantly, so her videos are great for showing people what to eat in different places around the world.

Sarah Lemkus

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Another favorite Australian of mine (something about their accents just draws me in) is a young and beautiful mom. Her videos show her daily life feeding not only herself but her vegan daughter, Biff.

Sarah does not have many subscribers yet, but that does not make her any less fun to watch. She predominantly films smoothie recipes, and foods she eats that improve her appearance.

Edgy Veg

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I love watching Edgy Veg for her funny personality and her DIYs. Similarly to Lauren Toyota, she thinks out of the box and turns meat based dishes into vegan ones. For example, she recently posted a vegan pumpkin spice donut recipe, DIY In-N-Out burger animal style fries, and DIY Burger King mac n Cheetos.

It's hard to believe all these recipes are 100% vegan.

Tess Begg

Tess is 19-years-old, which is crazy considering the fact she lives on her own and is so successful. She is another Australian and posts "What I Eat in a Day" videos and work out routines. She is very health conscious and does her best to stay fit (you should see her abs and butt). If you want to learn how to make açaí bowls, smoothies, and curries, check out her channel.

You really can't go wrong with any of these YouTubers. None of them "push" veganism on their audience, but instead want to show them how easy and fun it is to cook vegan meals. I suggest trying to cook a vegan dish once in a while and see how it goes. You never know, it may turn out to be your next go to meal.