Happy 2020, Happy January, and to be as niche as possible, Happy Veganuary. To anyone who thinks that I totally just made that up, Veganuary is actually a real United Kingdom-based organization that challenges the general public to try going vegan during the month of January, the idea being raising awareness of the environmental benefits of veganism. As a current WashU student, St. Louis resident, and adamant lover of the phenomenally rich food scene, I thought I would take this self-proclaimed holiday as an opportunity to share a few of my favorite local spots that are either completely vegan, vegetarian, or just have some of the best plant-based choices. Whether I'm in need of treating myself, bored, or somehow have free time on my hands, these places never fail to disappoint.


Located on Delmar Boulevard in Clayton, Frida's is a completely vegetarian restaurant with a wide range of plant-based options, including soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and oil-free. From pizzas to smoothies to an award-winning veggie burger, this place puts a healthier twist on a variety of classically beloved dishes. It also happens to be on Postmates for when you're in a delivery kind of mood.

Lulu's Local Eatery

Located in Tower Grove Park, Lulu's is a sustainability-focused cafe with an extensive, completely plant-based menu that offers nut-free, gluten-free, and soy-free options as well as a Sunday brunch and a selection of assorted pastries. Staying true to their sustainable goals, their menu changes seasonally to adapt to what is locally grown at that time of year. As a huge fan of their fall/winter menu, I intend to continue going back until I have tried everything on the menu. It's available for delivery on Grubhub, but the restaurant also boasts a ping-pong bar, which is a pretty sweet bonus if you ask me and could be an extra incentive for visiting it in-person.

PuraVegan Cafe and Yoga

It has the word vegan in the name, and you already know it's going to be good. Located between the Delmar Loop and Central West End, PuraVegan is a health-focused cafe and yoga studio with a rotating low sodium, low oil, whole foods-based menu. I know it sounds like something only the healthiest of health gurus could enjoy, but take it from me: the options are actually as delicious as they are clean. With an all-day breakfast menu as well as smoothies, açaí bowls, juices and oil-free and soy-free dish options, the possibilities are endless. It's also available for delivery on Postmates. Namaste.


While not a completely vegetarian or vegan restaurant, this wood-fired pizza joint in Soulard has some of the best vegan pizzas I've encountered since living in St. Louis, and that's saying a lot coming from a pizza fanatic like myself. Additionally, not to be dramatic or anything but their maple-glazed cinnamon knots are to-die-for. Oh, and did I mention it's all available on Postmates, too?

Seedz Café

Not only is it a cute and cozy café, but it also doubles as a gift shop featuring various pastries, coffee, and a curated selection of vegan snacks and knick-knacks. Like Lulu's Local Eatery, the menu, which also includes daily breakfast and Sunday brunch, rotates by season to stay true to what is locally grown at the time. Located on South Rosebury Avenue, Seedz Café is a relatively short walk away from WashU's campus on a lovely St. Louis day. If you're like me and not down to brave the winter chill at the moment, though, it also can be found on Grubhub and Door Dash. 

Tree House

Taking it back to the Tower Grove Park area, Tree House is an award-winning vegetarian restaurant with dinner served every night, lunch served every weekday, and brunch served on weekends. Additionally, the restaurant offers what I would consider some godly desserts. With the option to make all and any dish vegan as well as some gluten-free, I would definitely say this spot is a hidden gem near the WashU community.

Although the end of January is right around the corner, rest assured that these restaurants are just as amazing every month of the year. If any of you highly-cherished readers ever wants to venture out to one of these places and needs a buddy, hit me up. Seriously, I'll take every excuse I can to go to any and all of them.