Short on time and need a quick dinner? Want to make your own potato chips? Here are just a few ways to use your microwave

1. Froth Milk. Tired of waiting in line for your morning latte? Put milk in a container with a (non-metal) lid, shake it, microwave for 30 seconds, remove lid and microwave for another 30 seconds.

Day in the Life of March 20, 2011 - Coffee & Milk

Photo by Judy Baxter

2. Sanitize Your Kitchen. Rub plastic cutting boards with a slice of lemon or moisten a sponge, and zap for 30 seconds to a minute.

When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade.

Photo by Simple Effulgence

3. Make Potato Chips. Thinly slice potatoes (or sweet potatoes), and add a little olive oil and salt. Microwave on 60% power for about 10 minutes.

Sweet potato chips

Photo by Evil Midori

4. Soften Brown Sugar. Place some damp paper towels on the rock-hard brown sugar, and microwave in 30-second increments.

365:207 Brown Sugar

Photo by Penna Cook

5. Roast Garlic. Slice off the top of the bulb, and place in a deep bowl. Add some salt and pepper, drizzle with a little olive oil, and put 2 tablespoons of water in the bottom of the dish. Cover with plastic wrap, and cook for about 7 minutes.

Roasted Garlic

Photo by B. Lee

6. Cook Salmon. Put fillets, skin down, on a plate, brush with oil, and add garlic, salt and pepper. Cover and microwave between 1 to 2 minutes, until fish is cooked through.

Lite Bite

Photo by Mark K.