You've probably come across photos of some epic twists on the hamburger while scrolling through Instagram. They look delicious in photos, but in reality, you're the judge. I'll tell you where to find some of these famous #Instafoods so that you can see if they really do taste as good as they look.

1. Spaghetti And Meatballwich

Talk about a fusion dish... this one fulfills every indecisive foodies dream. Mix Italian food with classic BBQ and you get the Spaghetti and Meatballwich. Pan fried spaghetti as the "buns" with meatballs and marinara as the "patty." Thanks to The Carving Board's many locations in Southern California, there's no excuse to not give it a try.

2. Ramen Burger

We've all become closely acquainted with ramen as hungry (and broke) college students. This chef has taken our dorm favorite to a new level. As the original creator of the ramen burger, he knows he changed the hamburger game. You can find different versions all over LA, but if you want to taste the original then start making plans to head to NYC.

3. Falafel Burger

Recommend this burger spot to your neighborhood vegetarian/vegan. The Falabar in Hollywood ditched a classic meat patty for patty-shaped falafel. They offer regular combination plates or makeshift burgers. This falafel patty comes in 5 flavors ranging from "Spicy" to "Kale." Since it features kale that means we can count it as healthy, right?

4. Oh My Luther

The Food Network has given props and so should you. Also known as the "donut burger," Oh My Burger trades classic sesame buns for two halves of a Krispy Kreme donut. Forget the calories: Have we finally found the perfect dish that embodies sweet and savory? 

5. Red Buns

GD Bro Burger offers every hamburger on their menu with red buns and unusual burger fillings such as mozzarella sticks. They've got to be doing something right since they've earned recognition from the Los Angeles Times, OC weekly, and more notable publications. With locations in Santa Ana and Signal Hill, the experience (and the great photo you'll get) will definitely make the drive worth it.

6. Macaroni And Cheese Burger

Impress everybody at your next family dinner by ordering this monster of a burger. The Cheesecake Factory offers this classic hamburger with a slight twist. They add fried 'mac n cheese' balls topped with melted cheddar on top of your meat patty. They've correctly labeled this one a "glamburger" — however, you might not feel too glamorous after finishing an entire one. 

Whether you're ridiculously hungry or feel exceptionally daring, every foodie needs to try one (or all) of these monster burgers. Use these burgers as an excuse to get a sweet Instagram photo and make your other foodie friends jealous.