In an attempt to avoid the morning breakfast run or simply to find healthy alternatives to dorm-friendly snacks (I’m looking at you, Oreos and barbecue chips), students have increasingly turned to the “handheld blender craze”.

According to users, these machines are conducive to transforming everyday ingredients into everything: breakfast smoothies to supplement the morning trek to the dhall, healthy frozen desserts, or even to nutritious, savory dipping sauces. Can you say health, wellness, and delish? Hear recipes from blender gurus below.


Breakfast Smoothies

handheld blender

Photo by Julia Maguire

For many freshmen in Thayer, morning rituals look like the following: Take plastic bag of fruit from the freezer (precut, pre-mixed, pour fruit into the hand held blender, add splash of milk or dollop of yogurt, blend, enjoy). Rinse equipment, repeat.

Hack: Pour your smoothie concoction into a bowl, add granola, raspberries, chia seeds, almonds, and whatever other toppings float your boat to make for a beautiful, instagram-worhty smoothie bowl. Using a bowl and spoon also helps your mind recognize your body is indeed getting full off of yummy fruits.

Spiked Breakfast Smoothies

handheld blender

Photo by Megan Prendergast

For those of you over 21, add a bit of alcohol to give your smoothies a kick for weekend brunch. Your friends will thank you.

Hack: Mason jars make everything look classier.


When you crave savory, your initial urge is usually to turn to the heaping bags of greasy chips that you’ve accumulated over the year, right? Well, say bye-bye to grease as you concoct some health, savory snack dips that will fight your cravings AND give you loads of protein and yummy vitamins. Check out some non-blended dip recipes if that’s up your alley too.


handheld blender

Photo by Nina Lincoff

By far, my favorite dip so far is the hummus dip. Sleek, elegant, and easy to make, the ingredients also keep for quite a while before you make the dip.

Hack: Keep those cans of chickpeas around. They store for a really long time and when paired with cloves of garlic and lemon juice (which your dhall should have) make for a refreshing, tangy, savory treat. Also, your dipping tool can be anything from pita chips and bread to carrot sticks and other assorted veggies (for those trying to cut back on those extraneous carbohydrates).


handheld blender

Photo by Lily Lou

Impress your friends with this simple guacamole recipe, or perhaps homemade Chipotle guac, at the next movie screening. Skip the movie butter and get your filling of your daily healthy oils.

Hack: If desired, you can add diced tomatoes. You can go traditional by using tortilla chips to dip your guac or grab some carrot sticks from your shall.


Ice Cream

handheld blender

Photo by Katherine Carroll

When the sweet tooth gets a’craving and there are so many great, heavy dessert options in the square (cookies, cannolis, cheesecakes, FroYo), how can we say no? Many students found satisfaction with healthy banana-based ice cream recipes. Combat the freshman 15 with this health alternative.

Hack: You can go for traditional flavors – such as Peanut Butter and Nutella, Mixed Berries, Coffee, Chocolate Chip, or Oreos – or get more adventurous and indulgent with flavors like Maple Syrup and Bacon, Cheesecake or Brownie Bites, or S’mores.

Chocolate Mousse

handheld blender

Photo by Danielle Cahoon

Although this recipe is a little bit more challenging (this one’s for you blender gurus out there), the effort is absolutely worth it. Smooth, rich, creamy chocolatey goodness awaits you. Oh, did I mention it’s healthy?

Hack: Adding that little bit of color with assorted berries not only makes your mousse look more appealing but also helps to get your daily dose of fruit and antioxidants in your body.