Darty season is right around the corner and for many seniors, it’s already here. The sun is shining (sort of), the weather has leveled out over 30 degrees (debatably), and there is no snow on the ground (for now). In the wizarding world of South Bend that means one thing and one thing only: darty season is upon us, Domers, and we better get moving before May hits us like freshmen hit the side door on Feve-o-ween.

For freshmen in need of discovering the best post-dartying munchies to take them through four years of weird outfits (shoutout to my darty Miley buns) and passing out while the sun’s still out, and for the seniors in need of taking in every last ounce of post-dartying/pre-Finnis munchies, we are here to present to you, where to flock to for the last darty season of our college days.

1. Brother’s Bar & Grill Cheese Curds

Photo courtesy of Brothers Bar & Grill

Maybe this is just a necessary part of the darty experience for my friends and me, but if you don’t at least have an entire order of this cheesy goodness to yourself on your way back home, did you even darty? These melty bites explode in your mouth and roll in at a hefty $8.99 but trust us, they are all you need to leave feeling fully satisfied, unless of course you decide to order yourself some fried pickles as well (which we also highly recommend and are a little less at $6.99).

2. Five Guys Fries

Photo courtesy of Bite Club

Hopefully the line for this post dartying hot spot isn’t too long but then again, if you’re on your way back home at the end of the day’s activities will you even realize that the line is wrapped around the restaurant and people are drunkenly cutting each other?

Grab yourself a handful of peanuts and spend thirty minutes walking around, saying hi to your random lab partner from freshman year, and attempt to order yourself a large order of fries at the same time. Endless condiments greet you at the end of the line and all of a sudden you’re drowning yourself in endless ketchup and fries, for a solid $3.59.

3. JW Chen’s Honey Chicken

Photo courtesy of Home Cooking Adventure

This great post dartying option is especially convenient for off campus seniors as it is within walking distance from many apartments and townhouses. A wonderful sit down or take out spot, Chen’s has a slew of meals, sides and apps with large enough servings to take home and munch on again later in the night.

Although the $9.95 honey chicken is one of my friend’s and my favorite options, there’s an abundance of other choices like the order of six potstickers or chicken lo mein that ring in at a respective $5.00 and $8.95. Jean may also be the best hostess South Bend has ever seen.

4. Chipotle Quesarito

Photo courtesy of Spoon Georgetown

This hidden gem of Chipotle‘s menu doesn’t seem to be quite the secret anymore but hey, unlike that guy you hooked up with at Finni’s last week, the quesarito is still good without the mystery. Essentially a burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla, the quesarito will prep you for that 3 hour post darty nap like none other. The one (and pretty major) downside of the quesarito’s price, is that it costs an additional $3.50 to your typical burrito price. If you’re really going for it however, ask for extra of everything but meat and guacamole and maybe you’ll make up for that extra $3.50.

5. South Dining Hall

Photo courtesy of Stephen Miller on flickr.com

Potentially the most underrated option, South Dining Hall poses quite possibly the most abundant plethora of options. Not only is drunk dining hall a must-do during your undergraduate years, it’s essentially FREE (thanks Mom and Dad). You can have pizza, chicken tenders, chinese, pasta or whatever your little heart desires. On your way out, grab some froyo or ice cream and dunk that cone into the container of oreo toppings. Another major plus of drunk dining hall? You’re mere steps from your bed.

6. Blaze Personal Pizza

Photo courtesy of Cathy Danh on flickr.com

Is there truly a better option than pizza for any and all drunk eating situations? Blaze poses the best pizza option as it is conveniently located on Eddy Street and an easy walk from campus. With 40+ topping options, this personal pizza spot offers sit in dining and also personal pizza boxes to take your meal to go. Blaze even offers a gluten-free option for all of your celiac sufferers out there. The downside? A personal pizza from Blaze is $7.45 with an extra $3 for the gluten-free option.