Kimball has a few classic meals that we all know and love. We check the dining services app daily in hopes that maybe it will be the day our favorite meal is served. However, sometimes we face the disappointment that our ever constant guac craving will not be satisfied.

Even when we do learn that it is chicken parm night, we are forced to have the early-bird special in order to avoid the endless lines. If you want to satisfy your cravings now, try these dining hall hacks to re-create your Kimball favorites.

Chicken Parmesan


Photo by Arianna Merullo

Chicken parm night is highly anticipated for its wonderfully cheesy and crispy goodness.

Order a piece of grilled chicken from the grill and then head over to the pasta station to add some tomato sauce. Grab a handful of cheese from the salad bar, throw it in microwave, and watch the cheese melt to create a healthier, yet savory meal.

Taco Night


Photo by Xinwei Zeng

Here’s how you can make a chipotle-style burrito in the comfort of Kimball. Ask for a wrap from the sandwich station and grab some rice from the stir fry (you don’t even have to wait on line).

Order some steak or chicken at the grill and add the toppings you wish: black beans, corn, cheddar cheese – the choices are endless. Missing the guac? There’s nothing wrong with bringing your own (Trader Joe’s never seems to disappoint). And don’t forget the salsa.

Stir Fry


Photo courtesy of Holy Cross Dining

Although stir fry is always available, sometimes the line can be too long for our hungry stomachs. But behold, there is a way to recreate the stir fry without the fuss of the line. Cue a sigh of relief.

Grab a bowl and fill with some rice.  Since the vegetables at the stir fry station are already cooked, go ahead and load on your favorite veggies. Add soy sauce or condiments to spice things up, pop it in the microwave and heat up your delicious creation. Warm stir fry. No line. Success.

Molten Lava Cake


Photo courtesy of Holy Cross Dining

If you want that extra gooey chocolatey goodness every night of the week, here’s a super quick and easy way to make it.

Grab a brownie and a spoon and carve out some of the center. Scoop some ice cream and add some chocolate syrup to the brownie. 20 seconds in the microwave and you have yourself an ooey, gooey, and sinfully delicious dessert.

Turkey Dinner (in wrap form)


Photo courtesy of Satya Murthy

We all love the Thanksgiving turkey dinner, but Thanksgiving only comes once a year. Here’s how to get your turkey fix if you are feeling festive, but it’s not quite November.

Go to the sandwich station and get an open wrap with turkey. Head to the salad bar and add croutons, strawberry jelly, and dried cranberries. Wrap it up and you will have yourself a Thanksgiving dinner in an easy to eat wrap.

Apple Pie


Photo courtesy of Holy Cross Dining

That Turkey dinner wrap got you feeling fall festive, right? Here’s how to create that warm and sweet apple pie to complete your mini Thanksgiving feast.

Get a pita and toast it-this will be your crust. Cut up an apple and put it in a bowl with granola, brown sugar, and some apple sauce. Mix together and place on top of the pita.

If you would like this à la mode, toss it in the microwave, add some ice cream and top with whipped cream. Pat yourself on the back, you have successfully conquered Thanksgiving dinner.

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