San Luis Obispo is a huge college town, filled with hungry students and entrepreneurs looking for hipster hangouts, late night munchies, suitable restaurants for parents weekends and boozy hot spots. Our donut craving, garden growing, beach loving Mustangs are foodie all-stars. And if our Cal Poly call is Learn by Doing, then obvie we do all things bigger and better, including our food.

Whether you consider yourself a slocal or a newbie to the “Happiest Place in America,” look no further than these SLO-based Instagram accounts when debating on a place to eat or heck, just indulge in savory food porn. If you aren’t following these accounts right now, chances are you haven’t hit up the popular non-touristy foodie caves SLO has to offer. Prepare your eyes for scanning only the best gooey, greasy, and even leafy green food items.


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1. Slo Tasty


Photo courtesy of @slotasty on Instagram

This account is run by two women, Destiny and Andrea. Their bio reads “Two foodies, One amazing town.” They shoot all their SLO photos on iPhones, and focus on hitting up tasty lunch and snack places.

2. SLO Bites


Photo courtesy of @slobites on Instagram

Made and run by Cal Poly grad Sophie Ratkovich, this Insta-foodie scouts and shoots pictures of the best local SLO eateries. From chicken and waffles, to juice smoothies and ahi plates, this Insta account takes a bite out of several types of food in SLO.

3. Hungry Hayley


Photo courtesy of @hungryhaley on Instagram

This healthy foodie is a self-proclaimed happy, healthy, and hungry Cal Poly gal. Her account focuses on plant-based foods and wholesome nutrition. Check out her page (and her linked blog) for some clean-eating inspiration.

4. SLO Foodies


Photo courtesy of @slofoodies on Instagram

This account posts daily photos of a wide variety of SLO eats, from burritos, to lamb, to cocktails and waffles. It takes on some of the more adventurous items you see on menus, but might be too intimidated to try. No worries, @slofoodies has got your back…and your belly!

5. Joe Saputo


Photo courtesy of @joesaputo on Instagram

This Instagram foodie calls himself a “vegan food junkie,” and posts pictures that reflect just that. Take this vegan burrito from Taco Temple, for example.

6. SLO Donut Company


Photo courtesy of @slodonutcompany on Instagram

The most popular donut place for Cal Poly students in San Luis Obispo is definitely SloDoCo. Being open 24/7 and constantly posting photos of their innovative donuts, they’re hard to beat.